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State Rep. Martin McLaughlin, R-Barrington Hills, seated at the table, speaks to the McHenry County Board law and government committee Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2021.

McHenry County is currently the only county in Illinois where voters are allowed to vote to dissolve a township, but McHenry County Board members say the law has too many problems and needs changes.

Meeting Tuesday with each of the state lawmakers who represent parts of McHenry County, the County Board’s law and government committee asked the county’s lawmakers to change a law that allows only McHenry County voters to eliminate townships.

“We’d like to get our hands around either being free of this legislation or being a part of this legislation administered statewide,” said board member Jeff Thorsen, R-Crystal Lake.

The county wants lawmakers to take one of two courses of action on the law: either eliminate the law, so county voters can no longer vote to dissolve a township, or extend the law to all of Illinois’ other 101 counties.

No townships have been successfully dissolved by voters since the law was passed in 2019, but the constitutionality of the law has been the subject of lawsuits filed by Nunda and McHenry township road districts and several issues with the law were identified by County Board members.

The road districts argue state law prohibits legislation from only applying to a single county.

Board members said the law does not clarify how the county should absorb a township when it is dissolved.

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It’s been just over a year since four people were indicted in the ComEd bribery scheme to influence former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, but the matter is far from over and lawmakers have since passed limited reforms to curb corruption at the statehouse.

ComEd admitted the bribery scheme in the Summer of 2020. The company subsequently agreed to pay a $200 million fine and to cooperate with federal investigators.

Around a week before Thanksgiving last year, three former ComEd officials and a close Madigan confidant were indicted.

Madigan has not been charged with a crime, but he was labeled as “Public Official A” in the ComEd deferred prosecution agreement with federal prosecutors. Madian was also the subject of a special House investigation. That committee released ComEd emails the day before Thanksgiving last year that referenced “our friend,” which was widely seen as a reference to Madigan. The House committee never subpoenaed Madigan to testify before concluding without any action. Madigan has denied wrongdoing. Gov. J.B. Pritzker has said Madigan needs to answer questions about his actions.

In January, Madigan wasn’t reelected as Speaker, a seat he held for all but two years since 1983. Emanuel “Chris” Welch, a Democrat from Hillside, was elected Speaker. Madigan later stepped down from the office of state Representative before the end of his term and helped select his successor.

His former chief of staff and House clerk Tim Mapes was indicted in May.

The Chicago Tribune reported in August federal investigators continue to investigate, but offered no hints on new charges.

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The Equestrian Commission will hold a special meeting tomorrow at 6:30 PM to review, and perhaps vote on, a draft of the, “Equestrian Trail License,” text amendment to our village code.  A copy of their agenda can be viewed and downloaded here.

We’ll reserve comments until it reaches the Board of Trustees (as difficult as that may be).

Related:September Riding Club newsletter released

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Empty Chambers Springfield

Illinois lawmakers plan to take up a measure allowing municipalities to hold remote meetings at any time – pandemic or not – during the fall veto session this week.

Currently, the governor or the state health department must issue an emergency proclamation before a city can conduct any business remotely.

The Illinois Municipal League (IML) wants to change that through Senate Bill 482 and allow cities and towns to conduct business remotely whenever they choose.

“We would like to have the elected officials locally to be able to have that authority going forward if the disaster proclamations end at some point which I’m sure they will,” said IML Executive Director Brad Cole.

Cole said the remote meetings allow more people to become involved with local government.

“A lot of communities are seeing more public engagement,” Cole said. “More people are on the Zoom calls than were attending in person.”

The bill includes a provision that a city’s presiding officer must state why an in-person meeting is not practical.

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The Riding Club of Barrington Hills (RCBH) recently released their September, 2021 newsletter. One of the sections provides an “update” on the August meeting of the Village Equestrian Commission regarding, Equestrian Trail Licenses:

“The Equestrian Commission met on the 19th of August to discuss the continued need for the Equestrian Trail Licenses issued by the Village for the purpose of riding on the Village deeded easement trails. 

By Ordinance in June in 2005, certain trails traversing private land in the Village exist as easements recorded in favor of the Village. The easements are generally in and around the newer subdivisions in the Village where the Village and the Equestrian Commission worked successfully with developers subdividing tracts of land to protect the continuity of the trail network and to maintain the unique character of the Village. Easement trails are maintained by the RCBH.  As set forth in Title 6 and Section 8-5 of the Village Code, equestrian use of easement trails is allowed solely by licenses issued by the Village of Barrington Hills. 

There is an ongoing discussion with a need for further information. As soon as the Equestrian Commission has that information a date will be determined for the next meeting.”

In other words, they’d rather not reveal anything that was discussed. No surprise.

A copy of the RCBH newsletter can be viewed and downloaded here.

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The Village Board of Trustees will be conducting their monthly meeting Monday evening at 6:30 PM.  Some of the topics on their agenda include:

  • [Vote] Ordinance Amending Title 8, Deleting in its Entirety, Chapter 5,
    Equestrian Trail License Ordinance 21 –
  • [Vote] An Ordinance Approving a Text Amendment to Add Canine Day Care
    and/or Doggy Day Care with Grooming, Training and Boarding, Day Care/Child
    Care/After School Care and Church/House of Worship to the List of Special
    Uses in the B3 General Business District Ordinance 21 –
  • [Vote] An Ordinance Amending Title 4, Building Regulations of its Code of
    Ordinances to Update Code References Ordinance 21 –
  • [Vote] A Resolution Authorizing and Approving the Execution of an “Amazon
    Locker Location Agreement” Allowing Placement of an Amazon Delivery
    Kiosk/Locker in Village Hall Resolution 21 –
  • [Vote] Equestrian Commission Appointment: Tricia Wood – Term through April
  • 9th Annual The Hills Are Alive Fall Festival – Sunday, September 19th – Noon
    to 4 PM

A copy of the disappointing agenda can be viewed and downloaded here.

Why disappointing you may ask?  Because for the third month in a row this administration has failed to step up publicly to address a clear conflict of interest existing at our Village Hall. Matter of fact, there isn’t even a place on the agenda to report what was discussed at the specifically nonspecific Personal Committee meeting held Monday.

Residents deserve better.

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FRVHHHCome join the fun! Riders of all disciplines are welcome! Ride through the beautiful Spring Lake Forest Preserve on a predetermined course.

Jumpers & non-jumpers will both enjoy the challenge of matching the pace time. Ribbons awarded 1st thru 6th place. Plan your team of 2-5 riders (at least 1 adult per team). All riders are required to wear an ASTM/SEI certified helmet. Proof of negative coggins required.

Luncheon generously sponsored by Pizzo and Associates Ltd. – creator of naturally beautiful land and water solutions. After the hunter pace, during lunch, learn more about restoring nature and habitat, where you work and play.

The event takes place at the Barrington Hills Riding Center located at 361 Bateman Road on July 17.  For further information, including fees and event times etc., visit the Fox River Hound Heritage Foundation.

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6.21 BOT

The Village Board of Trustees will be conducting their monthly meeting this evening at 6:30 PM.  Some of the topics on their agenda include:

  • [Vote] Accept the Audit Report for FY2020 — Mr. Andrew Mace, Partner, Wipfli, LLC
  • [Vote] A Resolution Approving the Execution of an Intergovernmental Agreement with Cuba Township Road District Resolution 21 –
  • Introduction to Barrington Area Council of Governments (BACOG) – Kimberly Saunders, Executive Director
  • [Vote] Appointment of BACOG Representative(s)
  • 5K Fun Run Through the Hills – Saturday, July 3, 2021 ~ 7:30 AMStart/Finish at Cuba Township Office: 28000 Cuba Road, Barrington, Illinois
  • 9th Annual The Hills Are Alive Fall Festival – Sunday, September 19, 2021-Noon to 4 PM Behind Village Hall.

A copy of the agenda can be viewed and downloaded here.

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Plan Commission 4.12

The Plan Commission will be holding their quarterly meeting this evening at 6:30 PM. In addition to two appointments, members will be discussing and perhaps voting on a recommendation on, “Lot Consolidation Process.”

A copy of their agenda can be viewed here.  The meeting will be held at Village Hall, but residents can try to listen in to the meeting proceedings by dialing 508-924-1464.

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OBH Capture

As previously reported, Brian Cecola has likely won the race for Village President (See “Cecola headed for victory in Barrington Hills president race”).

Here are the unofficial results for Village Board of Trustees:

  • David Riff  445
  • Thomas W. Strauss 428
  • Laura S. Ekstrom 467
  • Robert M Zubak 366
  • Brent Joseph Burval 349
  • Paula Jacobsen 389

County totals are seen below:


Cook County


Kane County

Lake Results

Lake County

McHenry Resilts

McHenry County

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