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Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., walks on Capitol Hill in Washington on Sept. 21, 2023. (Mark Schiefelbein/AP)

Stop the presses!

Or whatever other device to which you turn for news.

Georgia U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, hard-line Republican loudmouth from the South, finally has said something with which — gasp! — I agree.

This unusual moment of comity came on the heels of a directive from Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. The New York Democrat directed the chamber’s sergeant-at-arms to stop enforcing the body’s unwritten yet faithfully followed dress code, which is coats and ties for men and business attire for women.

Although Greene is not a senator, she still poked her nose into the social network chatter on X, formerly Twitter. “Disgraceful,” she tweeted. “Dress code is one of society’s standards that set etiquette and respect for our institutions,” she tweeted. “Stop lowering the bar!”

Yeah! Amazingly, I agreed with her. That’s probably because, well, I’m old. I appreciate the enduring niceties from more courteous and respectful times.

I was raised to believe you should show your respect for important institutions, jobs and events by dressing in a way that won’t be mistaken for a visiting high school tour group. With that in mind, I was encouraged to see Greene calling for maintaining the dress code because of “etiquette and respect for our institutions.”

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Editorial note: We wholeheartedly agree. Dressing inappropriately shows lack of respect for the office one is elected to and the officials one serves with…


At the June meeting of BACOG (Barrington Area Council of Governments), Barrington Hills Village President Brian Cecola (pictured at right) was named Board Chair of that body for FY2023-24.

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VBH Roads 2023

This Summer the entire length of Oak Knoll Road was resurfaced due to Trustee Laura Eckstrom’s objection to the appearance of a perfectly sound patching job (which ironically was performed to EXTEND the life of the roadway). It is worth reminding taxpayers Eckstrom happens to LIVE on Oak Knoll Road.

The Village Roads & Bridges Committee meets this afternoon for the first time in five months at 4 PM. The topics on the agenda are:

  • Road Program: 2023 Recap, and
  • Road Program: 2024 Planning

A copy of the agenda can be viewed here.

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Bull Loose

A mad bull has gone rogue and is loose in a small town – 100.9 The Eagle

Know a good matador? 1,600-pound bull loose in Barrington HillsWBBM 780

1,600-pound bull missing, on the loose in a Chicago suburb, officials say NBC Chicago

Baffled by a bovine: Bull found roaming in Barrington Hills – CBS2 Chicago

Bull on the loose in Barrington Hills (In more ways than one)CBS2 Chicago

Bull missing after escape from Barrington propertyABC7 Chicago

‘Have you seen this bull?’ Escaped bull on the loose in Barrington HillsWGN-TV

Bull on the loose in Barrington HillsCNN – Regional

Stray bull on the loose in Chicago suburb caught on cameraFOX 32 Chicago

Bull Still On The Loose In Barrington HillsAlgonquin Patch

Escaped bull caught on security camera in IllinoisUPI


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Chappel Road

The Board will be discussing the repair of damage possibly caused by burrowing rodents on Chapel Road among other things tonight.

Our Village Board of Trustees will be conducting their regular monthly meeting beginning at 6:30 PM. Tonight’s 685-page agenda includes:

  • [Vote] Conduct Village Banking with Barrington Bank and Trust – A Wintrust Community Bank
  • [Vote] A Resolution Authorizing the Acceptance of Quotes for Repair of a Section of Chapel Road in the Village of Barrington Hills Resolution 23 –
  • Notice of Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance Amendments – July
  • [Vote] Resolution Adopting the 2022 Lake County All Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan by the Village of Barrington Hills Resolution 23 –
  • The Hills Are Alive Fall Heritage Fest – Sunday, September 17th

A copy of their agenda can be viewed and downloaded here.

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vbh bULL

BARRINGTON HILLS — A sense of cautious curiosity fills the air as Barrington Hills residents keep their eyes peeled for a wandering guest of unusual proportions.

The Barrington Hills Police Department issued a warning yesterday afternoon about a stray bull that was last sighted in the vicinity of Route 62 and Old Sutton Road. In an emphatic plea, they emphasized that encountering the bull is no petting zoo moment – if seen, DO NOT APPROACH AND CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY.

The bovine’s escapades began unfolding Friday, injecting an element of unexpected excitement into the quiet suburban landscape. As of now, the whereabouts of the wayward bull remain unknown, leaving both authorities and locals to wonder where this enigmatic creature might be headed next.


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state Rep. Dagmara Avelar

State Rep. Dagmara Avelar

Illinois health-care workers will now be required to undergo one hour of cultural training each year to continue working in their profession. Some say such training is not needed.

House Bill 2450 was sponsored by state Rep. Dagmara Avelar (D – Romeoville) and requires health care workers in the state to receive one hour of racial competency training as part of their continuing education.

State Rep. Bill Hauter, R-Morton, a former medical doctor, told The Center Square that racial competency is something those in the health-care profession take seriously and have for some time.

“We get cultural competency. We understand it. We take it in medical school. We do it in residency. We take classes on it in our continued medical education for our specialty boards,” Hauter said. “So it is not something that we do not understand, and we don’t think it’s important. It is just we do so much of it.”

State Rep. Brad Halbrook, R-Shelbyville, also pushed back on the requirement and questioned who would be providing the training to the workers.

Read how here.

Editorial note:

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BC Fashion Slave

Originally posted by BACOG:

“Thank you, Greg Rusteberg (pictured left), for serving as FY2022-23 Board Chair. He passes the gavel to Brian Cecola, Board Chair (pictured right), and D. Robert Alberding, Vice Chair (pictured center), for FY2023-24.”

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June 23 BOT

Our Village Board of Trustees will be conducting their regular monthly meeting beginning this evening at 6:30 PM. A copy of the agenda can be viewed and downloaded here.

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The Summer 2023 Village has been posted to the Village website. Included in this issue are:

  • The President’s letter
  • New BHPD officer introduction
  • Illinois “Speed Enforcement” Program application
  • The upcoming “Land We Love Run
  • Introduction of new Village Trustees
  • Ways to save energy
  • 2023 Village Road program
  • Private road maintenance and more

The newsletter can be viewed and downloaded here.

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May 23 BOT

Our Village Board of Trustees will be conducting their regular monthly meeting beginning this evening at 6:30 PM. A copy of the agenda can be viewed and downloaded here.

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