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VBH 1984

Edgar W. Fair, commander of the Barrington Hills Police Dept. detective unit, shows the gun used by the “commando unit” of six 16-year-old youths. On the table are some of the stolen items that were seized – the clothing hanging on the wall are the uniforms the teens used in the crimes. | Photo by Jack Lenahan – Chicago Sun*Times

Firearms seized from a group of teenagers who conducted late night burglaries

Photo measures 10 x 8 inches. Photo is dated 09/09/1984. $11.00


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1979 John Doe

More than four decades later, investigators continue their efforts to identify a homicide victim whose remains were found on the side of suburban road outside Chicago. | Published December 01, 2023 by Michael Vogen

In August 1979, a horseback rider discovered the remains of an unidentified individual in a grassy area off Old Dundee Road in Barrington Hills, a suburban village located about 40 miles northwest of Chicago, Illinois. The Barrington Hills Police Department responded to the scene and located the severed legs and torso of a white male. It is estimated that the man was approximately 5’7″ to 5’8″ tall and less than 50 years old. A search of the area did not yield any other remains. The man’s manner of death was determined to be homicide.

With no identifying characteristics available, the identity of the man could not be determined. Despite the efforts of law enforcement, the case went cold and the man was classified as John Doe. Details of the case were entered into the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) as #UP112246. Investigators are now seeking to utilize DNA technology that was unavailable in 1979 in hopes that an identification of the victim will bring closure for surviving family members.

In 2023, the Barrington Hills Police Department teamed with Othram to determine if advanced DNA testing could help to finally identify the remains of the homicide victim. Othram will work to develop a comprehensive DNA profile for the man using Forensic Grade Genome Sequencing® that can be used in a forensic genetic genealogy search to generate new investigative leads. Anyone with information that could assist in this investigation is encouraged to contact the Barrington Hills Police Department, referencing case number 1979-2050.

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Justice Lisa Holder White is pictured in a file photo during the Illinois Supreme Court’s oral arguments at Chicago State University in May. (Capitol News Illinois photo by Andrew Adams)

By PETER HANCOCK | Capitol News Illinois

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled Thursday that automobile insurance policies must cover people against uninsured motorists and hit-and-run accidents, even if the person covered by the policy is not in a vehicle at the time of the accident.

The case involved a 14-year-old Chicago boy, Cristopher Guiracocha, who was struck by a hit-and-run driver in 2020 while riding his bicycle on a public street. He suffered injuries to his right arm, shoulder and thigh that required medical attention.

To pay the medical bills, Christopher’s father, Fredy Guiracocha, filed an uninsured-motorist claim with his auto insurance company, Nashville, Tennessee-based Direct Auto Insurance.

Illinois law requires anyone driving a motor vehicle to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. The law also requires those policies to insure drivers and their passengers against injuries caused by uninsured motorists and hit-and-run drivers.

But Direct Auto denied Guiracocha’s claim, arguing that Christopher was not an occupant of his father’s vehicle at the time of the accident and, therefore, was not covered by that insurance policy.

Direct Auto pointed to the language in its policy that said its coverage only applies to people occupying the insured motor vehicle at the time of the accident.

A trial court initially agreed with the company and dismissed the claim, but the 1st District Court of Appeals reversed that decision. On Thursday, the Supreme Court unanimously upheld the appellate court’s ruling.

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Douglas R. Boncosky

Douglas R. Boncosky

By Amanda Marrazzo | Shaw Local News Network

A former business owner who authorities allege stole more than $1.8 million from an elderly relative in Cary was granted access Monday to just enough funds to pay for an attorney.

Douglas R. Boncosky, 54, of Barrington, has been charged with two Class X felonies of aggravated identity theft against a person older than 60, as well as theft of more than $1 million, McHenry County court records show.

He also was charged with financial exploitation of a person over 60 years old and forgery, according to the court documents.

Prosecutors filed a motion asking that Boncosky’s assets be frozen up to $1.8 million, roughly the amount he is accused of stealing. Defense attorney Matthew Haiduk asked that Boncosky, who was denied representation by the public defender’s office, have access to enough funds to cover his private attorney’s fees.

In response, McHenry County Judge Tiffany Davis entered an agreed order that Boncosky’s PNC bank account be used solely to pay his attorney fees. Accounts in Boncosky’s name at Chase and Bank of America are “frozen until further order of the court,” Davis wrote.

Boncosky also filed a handwritten notice of appeal regarding a judge’s order entered Oct. 31, the day after his arrest, to keep him detained pretrial in the McHenry County jail.

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The Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District (BCFPD) Board of Trustees has two meetings scheduled tonight beginning at 6:00 PM at 22222 N. Pepper Road in Lake Barrington. The first is a special meeting, and a copy of their agenda can be found here.

The second is their regular monthly meeting beginning at 6:30 PM. Topics on their agenda include:

  • Promotions Of Battalion Chief Erik Mandel, Captain Timothy Buhler, Captain Timothy Christenberry and Lieutenant Matthew Campbell
  • 2023 Tax Levy Discussion and Determination
  • Discussion On Entering into Memorandum of Understanding with The Long Grove Fire Protection District Regarding Utilization of a District Tender
  • Pierce/MacQueen Warranty Extension Proposal for E5
  • Presentation Of BCFPD Artifacts by Retired Assistant Chief Lenn Grant, and
  • Ambulance Bill

A copy of that agenda can be found here.

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11.16.23 BOT Graphic

11.16.23 BOT Audio

Our Village Board of Trustees will be conducting their regular monthly meeting this evening beginning at 6:30 PM. Topics on their agenda include:

  • ENGINEERING PRESENTATION – Trotter and Associates, Inc.
  • Levy and Assessment of Taxes for the Fiscal Year Beginning January 1, 2023 and Ending December 31, 2023 – Draft
  • [Vote] A Resolution Adopting a Regular Meeting Calendar for 2024 Resolution 2 23 –, and
  • [Vote] An Ordinance Regarding the Illinois Paid Leave For All Workers Act Ordinance 23 –

A copy of their agenda can be viewed and downloaded here.

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CE Four

Defendants in the ComEd 4 corruption trial listen as the federal jury reads its verdict. (Courtroom sketch courtesy of L.D.Chukman)

By Brett Rowland | The Center Square

Prosecutors are seeking life sentences for four former Commonwealth Edison leaders convicted of conspiring to bribe former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, a defense attorney said.

A federal judge on Wednesday denied a request from defense attorneys to delay sentencing.

Defense attorneys had asked for more time to deal with what they said were complex issues regarding sentencing guidelines. At a hearing Wednesday, defense attorney Patrick Cotter said prosecutors would be seeking life sentences for the defendants.

“The government apparently is going to suggest that the guidelines of this case are life,” Cotter said. “And we are asking for what we believe to be adequate time, a couple extra weeks, to respond not only to the [pre-sentencing report] but to what the government files when they’re asking to put our clients in jail for life. And I think that that’s not unreasonable.”

U.S. District Court Judge Judge Harry Leinenweber disagreed. He noted the four were convicted more than six months ago and still have additional time before the sentencing hearings scheduled for January.

“It seems to me that there’s adequate time to get ready for sentencing without moving the date,” he said Wednesday.

Prosecutors had proposed shifting dates for some pre-sentencing court filings, but the prosecution’s schedule would keep the sentencing dates as previously set.

Prosecutors have yet to file sentencing memos for any of the defendants.

Any significant amount of time behind bars for the defendants could amount to life in prison given their ages. The youngest was 64 years old.

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Per the Village website:

“The Village Hall’s west-facing lobby (facing the fire station) will be closed for an estimated two weeks, beginning Thursday, November 9, due to the installation of new flooring.

If You Are in Need of Police Assistance

  • Always dial 911 for emergencies.
  • To request an officer, call QuadCom Dispatch: 847-428-8784.
  • For Records, call 847-551-3006.

To Pay an Ordinance Violation Citation:

Follow this direct link, select Payment Category Ordinance Violation, and then follow the prompts.

Please Note:

  • The Prescription Drop-Off Bin is unavailable during this period.
  • The Library Drop Box is unavailable during this period.
  • The Shoe Recycle Bin has been moved to the Village Hall north-facing lobby (facing IL 62) and is available during business hours (9 AM – 5 PM) except on holidays.”

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Douglas Boncosky, 54, of Barrington

Police say a Barrington man stole approximately $1.9 million by writing checks and transferring funds to himself that belonged to an elderly family member in Cary.

The Cary Police Department received a report on August 26 of a person stealing money from an elderly family members.

The suspect, Douglas Boncosky, 54, of Barrington, was named power of attorney in 2018 over an 80-year-old woman, according to Cary Deputy Police Chief Scott Naydenoff.

The victim, who is a family member of Boncosky, resides in Cary.

Investigators began an investigation and determined that Boncosky unlawfully wrote numerous checks to himself and his business from the victim’s account, Naydenoff said.

He also unlawfully transferred funds to himself and his business from the victim’s account, Naydenoff said.

Naydenoff said evidence obtained showed an estimated $1.9 million was stolen and used by Boncosky for personal gain.

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VBH Entrance

Our Village Board of Trustees will be conducting their regular monthly meeting beginning at 6:30 PM. Topics on their agenda include:

  • [Vote] A Resolution Authorizing the Acceptance of a Quote for Repair of the Cement Driveway on the Grounds of the Village Hall for the Village of Barrington Hills Resolution 23 –
  • [Vote] Resolution Adopting the 2017 McHenry County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan by the Village of Barrington Hills Resolution 23 –
  • [Vote] Remote Participation Rules (Primarily applies to Strauss and Hills)

A copy of their agenda can be viewed and downloaded here.

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