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The Arboretum of South Barrington may soon have a dog-friendly restaurant, a new ax-throwing venue and a cigar lounge as tenants.

The restaurant would be the second Dawg Park Gourmet Grill location in the suburbs. The first opened in Glenview in 2020.

“We’ve been looking for a spot for a second location for about a year,” owner Mark Kobylinski said. A customer recommended Kobylinski look into the Arboretum, he said.

Kobylinski is eyeing the vacant spot where Noodles & Co. once operated — which just happens to be next to Kriser’s Natural Pet store.

“That was the closer for us,” Kobylinski said.

Dawg Park’s menu has a variety of inventively garnished hot dogs and hamburgers, with topping combinations such as brown gravy and grilled onions, Thai chile sauce and grilled bell peppers, and applewood bacon and Sriracha ranch sauce.

Kobylinski said he hopes to open in September or October. Dawg Park would serve alcohol, so a liquor license is needed.

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Blood Moon

The exact times to see the “Blood Moon” total lunar eclipse on May 15-16, 2022 from anywhere under Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

We’re in for a dark, brooding and distinctly orangey “Blood Moon” tonight! On the evening of Sunday, May 15 and into the early hours of Monday, May 16, 2022 our natural satellite in space will pass through Earth’s shadow.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth gets precisely between the Sun and a full Moon, preventing direct sunlight from shining on to the lunar surface. The only light that gets through to the Moon is first filtered by Earth’s atmosphere.

In effect all of Earth’s sunrises and sunsets are projected onto the lunar surface at once. For a whopping 1 hour 24 minutes the Moon will be draped in the same reddish, orangey light that you can see just before sunset here on Earth.

Total lunar eclipses are spectacular events to behold with the naked eye—or through binoculars or a telescope—but they’re not all the same.

They all look different because they all pass through Earth’s shadow in space in a slightly different way.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when a full Moon passes through Earth’s 870,000 miles/1.4 million km long shadow in space. That happens just occasionally, and it can take anywhere from 105 minutes (like in 2018) to just five minutes (like in 2015).

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Big Red 6

The Barrington Hills Chronicle (a Riding Club of Barrington Hills splinter group), posted what follows on Wednesday:

“The Riding Club of Barrington Hills is inviting all volunteers this Saturday, May 14th, to a roadside clean-up campaign on Route 62 (Algonquin Road). A meeting at the the Riding Center on Bateman Road will start at 8:30am (this Saturday, May 14th), or feel free to join whenever it is convenient for you. Every Saturday in May is the clean-up plan.”

In addition, three additional events are taking place tomorrow:

These activities are occurring at the same time tomorrow morning, primarily along Bateman, Algonquin, Brinker, and County Line Roads.

Readers are encouraged to exercise extreme caution when driving in these areas. On any given day, the Village has two patrol people covering the entire Village, and even with additional resources allocated, they hopefully will not be overwhelmed.

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From the Village website:

“Bring your unwanted digital cameras with other unwanted electronics to be recycled behind the Public Works Building on Village Hall grounds. Vision-IT will help unload your unwanted electronics–literally! Pack your car, your trunk, your trailer…however you bring it over and Zack and his team will help!

Worried about hard drive security? Upon your preference, HDs are either physically SHREDDED with a report and Certificate of Destruction provided or ERASED securely through a NIST-800 or Document of Destruction standard with reporting provided.”

Electronic items being accepted include:

Digital Cameras, TVs ($10 fee; cash only), Printers ($10 fee; cash only), Desktop PC/Tower, Servers, Cell Phones, Tablets, VOIP Phones, Gaming Systems, Household Batteries, Audio/Video Equipment, Cable Boxes, LCD Monitors, Circuit Boards, Cabling, Networking Switches/Hubs/Modems/Routers and Batteries for Cars, Lawn Mowers or Motorcycles

Note: Lightbulbs are not accepted

Drop-off location is illustrated above at 112 Algonquin Road.

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“Join us for the 2022 FRVPC Mini Event, Combined Training and Dressage Show to kick your show season off at the beautiful Barrington Hills Riding Center. Again, this year, in additional to the Mini Event and Combined Training classes are Dressage Classes.

We will be running the same classes and schedule both Saturday and Sunday. Each day will feature ribbons for 1st through 8th place and TIPS awards. Show both days to be eligible for our high point awards. This show is part of the IDCTA schedule.

Come join us and kick off your season in a fun, and safe way!”

Click here for more information.

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The new growing season is underway! John Hughes is pictured with his granddaughter during the 2021 growing season. | Courtesy of Two Rivers-Barrington Growing Project

Barrington United Methodist Church, in partnership with Two Rivers-Barrington Growing Project, is working to help third-world farmers escape poverty for life.

Through this unique Growing Project model, U.S. farmers work with their churches and surrounding communities to become part of the solution – raising money and awareness to end world hunger. This support enables people living in the world’s poorest regions to receive the tools and training they need to grow their own food and lift themselves out of poverty.

Growing Hope Globally vets every program and only selects those that meet its best practice standards, thereby ensuring that every time the Two Rivers-Barrington Growing project gives $55, another person escapes poverty for life.

For information about Barrington United Methodist Church and its missions, visit barringtonumc.com/get-involved

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Illinois residents who have appeared in a photograph on the Google Photos app within the last seven years may be eligible to receive a portion of a $100 million settlement.

A lawsuit alleged Google’s face grouping tool, which sorts faces in the app by similarity, is in violation of Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act, or BIPA. The law, enacted in 2008, requires companies to get user consent for the use of such technologies.

Ed Yohnka, director of communications and public policy with the ACLU of Illinois, said the state has one of the most stringent biometric privacy laws in the country.

“The use of biometric information has expanded across the world,” said Yohnka. “Illinois has been a place that has really protected the privacy of individuals who live here.”

Google did not admit to any wrongdoing as part of the settlement, which resolves a group of lawsuits filed by five plaintiffs.

If a final order is approved in the case, Illinoisans who appeared in a photograph in Google Photos between May 1, 2015, and the date of the settlement’s preliminary approval would be able to take part in the deal.

A Google spokesperson said Google Photos users in Illinois will be prompted to provide opt-in consent to face grouping in the coming weeks, and will expand nationwide soon after.

More here.

Related: “As Facebook deletes more than a billion users’ face templates, Illinoisans still waiting on payout

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The Barrington Hills Park District Board will hold their regular monthly meeting this evening in person and via Zoom at 7:00 PM.  A copy of their agenda can be viewed here.

Instructions for accessing the meeting remotely can be found here.

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Barrington Cop

The Antioch and Barrington police departments, along with several other northern Illinois law enforcement agencies, will participate in a regional traffic safety initiative on Route 59 on Monday.

The Naperville Police Department announced on Thursday that several police departments in northern Illinois, including two Lake County departments, will conduct a traffic safety initiative on Route 59 on Monday.

The initiative aims to use education and traffic enforcement to increase the safety of motorists on Route 59.“We call this regional campaign Route 59 on 5/9,” Naperville Police Sergeant Rick Krakow said.

Illinois Route 59 spans approximately 70 miles, starting in Antioch and running all the way to I-55 in SThe Antioch and Barrington police departments will participate in the initiative.

Each police department participating in the campaign will implement its own enforcement actions based on the needs of their individual communities, the Naperville Police Department said.

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Tick 1

It’s spring again, which means it’s also tick season again.

Better weather means hikes, gardening and, in general, more people taking in the outdoors. As Illinoisans make plans to venture into the woods, they may want to add tick prevention to the list as tick season kicks into gear.

Mike Claffey, spokesman for the Illinois Department of Public Health, said anytime a person is in nature, even their backyard, they’re at risk of picking up a tick.

“It’s good when you get back to check your body for ticks after being outdoors, especially your socks and pants, and also check your dog,” he told The Center Square.

Dogs can pick up ticks and drop them in the house, putting humans at risk again.

Before heading out, gear up by wearing long sleeves, pants and an insect repellent with 10-30% DEET or a natural alternative like oil of lemon or eucalyptus, said Claffey.

“If you’re concerned about it, you can also tuck your trousers into your socks so there is less room for them to crawl up,” he said.

May is also Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Lyme Disease is the most common disease carried by ticks and can be caused by the bite of a black-legged tick. But there are other diseases that different types of ticks can carry that come with a range of symptoms.

Read more here, or visit the INHS Medical Entomology Program’s webpage.

Residents interested in looking up where ticks are prevalent in the state can check out the Illinois Tick Surveillance Map.

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