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1.24.22 Agenda

Our Village Board of Trustees meets tomorrow evening at 6:30 PM.  Some of the topics on their agenda include:

  • [Vote] An Ordinance Granting an Amendment to an Existing Special Use Permit to Allow an Addition to Countryside Elementary School, 205 W. County Line Road Ordinance 22 –
  • [Vote] A Resolution Adopting an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Cook County Assessor’s Office to Facilitate Access to GIS Data Resolution 22 –
  • [Vote] Plan Commission Appointment: Maggie Topping, term expires 2024

A copy of their agenda can be viewed and downloaded here.

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Wasted Contributions

Brian Cecola, David Riff, Laura Ekstrom and Tom Strauss

For the second quarter in a row, the One Barrington Hills (OBH) Committee comprised of Brian Cecola, David Riff, Laura Ekstrom and Tom Strauss, failed to meet the Illinois State Board of Elections (ISBE) deadline for filing quarterly financial reports due this week. The committee’s 4th quarterly report was due on Tuesday, January 18th, but instead was filed just yesterday afternoon.

Their 3rd quarter report was filed a week late on October 22nd, 2021, and that was likely due only to The Observer bumping them with our friendly reminder post that day.

In their latest filing, OBH reported it had $4,432.86 in donor cash available.  A copy of that report can be viewed here, however this is before the ISBE assesses any civil penalties as they no doubt will now.

We spoke with a representative of the ISBE earlier this week, and they indicated sometimes first committee violations are stayed.  However, if a second violation occurs, they will assess the fees for both violations. Noteworthy is the ISBE has increasing penalties for multiple committee violations, which will now be in play. A copy of, “Section 125.425 Civil Penalty Assessments,” may be viewed and downloaded here.

Current Village President, Brian D. Cecola, is listed as chair of the OBH committee, and David Riff is listed as treasurer according to the ISBE website. It’s likely both will have some penalty paperwork to fill out, some checks to write, and they’ll likely have to appear at a ISBE hearing to account for their negligence.

However, we submit all four members of the OBH committee bear some responsibility, and we believe their missteps go deeper than that we’ve just reported.  Starting next week, we’ll begin revealing why based on FOIA files we’ve obtained in the last year and audio recordings.

Meantime, any concerned donors to the OBH 2021 campaign can always seek refunds by contacting them at Team@barrington-hills.com. While it may seem premature to some now, perhaps what’s reported next week may change that thinking.

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“After being crowned Mrs. Illinois America in 2021, local resident, Darby Hills, is moving into local government after being sworn in as a new Village of Barrington Hills – Government Trustee on January 13th.

Hills will fill the unexpired term of Trustee Debra Buettner, whose death created a vacancy, with a term expiring April 2023. Hills was appointed by President Brian D. Cecola at a special Board Meeting in early January.

Hills brings her legal knowledge to the Village Board from her experiences as an arbitrator, mediator, and a Cook County State’s attorney concentrating on child welfare, and from her days as a labor and employment attorney with Jackson Lewis, LLP, working on behalf of corporations. ‘I am humbled and honored to accept this responsibility and excited to represent such an exceptional group of people, our residents, in the governance of the Village of Barrington Hills,’ said Hills.”

View the full Barrington Scoop Facebook post here.

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WienermobileMaking its rounds in the Chicago Land area, the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile will be coming today, January 16th, to Crystal Lake. It is expected to be at the Mariano’s on 105 Northwest Highway from noon to 5 PM. Come by and check out all 27 feet of this American icon.

Note: Ordinarily, we would not post events like this except for the fact that it presents such an excellent photo opportunity with children (and at least one village board member we had in mind).

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Joy Wagner and Connor Stickney get ready to ride downtown on BraveHearts’ Winston and Gunnar.

NeuroBalance Center’s founder and driving force is Joy Wagner, someone who has walked in the footsteps of the clients who seek her center’s services. A pediatric nurse, Wagner was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2001. As the single mom of two daughters who were very young at the time, she was knocked off her feet with the MS diagnosis. For four months she could not walk, drive, or read. She gave up her nursing job and needed help to manage the day to day.

Since that diagnosis, Wagner was determined to find ways to help herself, and then others, so she founded fitMS, a specialized exercise program that was offered in many locations. Later the services would grow into fitMS NeuroBalance, an exercise program for a greater pool of people with the mobility issues associated with MS, Parkinson’s Disease, Crohn’s, Celiac, fibromyalgia, stroke, and much more. In time, the services Wagner was offering people became NeuroBalance, a nonprofit services entity. An ADA and mobility friendly services facility was built in Barrington with the support of the community—a first of its kind.

Today, NeuroBalance Center (NBC) offers a lifeline of services for people whose conventional and insurance-supported rehabilitation services end. “People come to us when everyday life does not look the same anymore,” Wagner says. “They don’t know where to go and they might graduate from therapy, but it’s to the couch, to depression. We are their post-graduate program, and we help them maximize their quality of life. They’re creating a new normal and we can help their health condition progress much more slowly.”

Connor Stickney, a Barrington native, didn’t seem to be a typical client for NeuroBalance thought his dad, Jon. But after a conversation with Wagner at the NeuroBalance Center, Jon Stickney learned NBC was ideal for his son’s long-term recovery from a motorcycle accident whereby he lost a portion of his leg. The young man eventually agreed to take physical therapy there, and Wagner had the idea of taking a new pilot program offsite and employing horses for the therapy. The idea of a ride into downtown Barrington from the center arose from this pilot program. “What a great way to showcase our work and offer a heartfelt surprise for the Stickney family and honor our organizations’ supportive bank team,” Wagner said.

Read more here.

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BHPD New Masthead

The Barrington Hills Park District Board will hold their, “Annual Budget and Appropriation Hearing,” via Zoom and in person this evening at 6:45 PM. A copy of their agenda absent of any financial information can be viewed here.

At 7:00 PM, the District will be conducting their regular monthly meeting. A copy of their agenda can be viewed here.

The Park District is located at 361 Bateman Road. Information on how to join the Zoom meetings tonight can be found here.

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Here’s to recognizing the Barrington Hills Police Department on this day and every day for their service to residents.  Thank you.

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There is a Winter Weather Advisory issued for our area starting at 1 PM in effect through 9 PM.  Freezing drizzle or light freezing rain is expected with total ice accumulations of up to one tenth of an inch.

While we very rarely post weather forecasts, we’re doing so now in light of the fact our Village Board voted late last Fall (save for one trustee) to discontinue contracting Village road plowing and salting service with Cuba Township Road District in favor of engaging a private concern, Mac’s Property Management, based in Wauconda.

Our first snowfall this season found a few Village roads ignored while kinks were worked out, and the second larger snowfall on New Year’s Day left some wondering why roads were not salted. Thus, until things get ironed out between Mac’s and our Roads & Bridges Committee, we advise readers to be extra cautious when driving this afternoon and evening.

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Darby Hills

At a special meeting Friday, the Barrington Hills village board approved President Brian D. Cecola’s appointment of Darby Hills to fill the unexpired term of Trustee Debra Buettner, which ends in 2023.

Buettner died unexpectedly in November at age 60.

The motion passed with a 5-1 vote.

Hills’ background includes experience as an arbitrator, mediator and Cook County assistant state’s attorney. With the state’s attorney’s office, she focused on child welfare.

She also worked as a labor and employment attorney at Jackson Lewis LLP working on behalf of corporations.

In 2010, Hills and her husband. Thomas, co-founded Barrington Children’s Charities to help local children living in food-insecure homes.

Read more here.

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BOT 1.7.22

The Board of Trustees will be holding a special meeting this afternoon at 3:00 PM.  Topics for discussion and vote include:

  • [Vote] Remote Participation Rules
  • [Vote] Resolution Opposing Cook County’s Newly Enacted Covid-19 Mandate
    Resolution 22 –
  • [Vote] Provide Advice and Consent, and to Approve the President’s Appointment of Darby Hills to Fill the Unexpired Term of Trustee Debra Buettner, Whose Death Created a Vacancy in the Office of Village Trustee

A copy of the agenda can be viewed and saved here.

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