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After a three-year hiatus, officials in Deer Park recently decided to reverse course and rejoin the Barrington Area Council of Governments, a longstanding regional group focused on environmental issues.

Deer Park’s decision to leave BACOG was made by former elected officials, who since have been replaced, said Village Administrator Beth McAndrews. Elected in 2017, Village President Dale Sands has made rejoining the group a priority, along with re-establishing the village as a team player in the Barrington area, she said.

“We realize the benefits. We’re all similar communities,” McAndrews said. “You’re only as good as who you surround yourself with. (Sands) saw it as a benefit to our community.”

Sands could not be reached for comment.

Janet Agnoletti, executive director of BACOG, said the group was thrilled to welcome back one of its founding members.

The council first met in 1970 as a way for communities in the Barrington area to respond collaboratively to the “developmental and environmental pressures” facing towns that were then regarded as fledgling suburbs, she said.

BACOG now includes Barrington, Barrington Hills, Deer Park, Lake Barrington, North Barrington, South Barrington, Tower Lakes, Barrington Township and Cuba Township, Agnoletti said.

“They have been an active and key participant for all these years,” Agnoletti said of Deer Park. “They helped create the greater Barrington area by how they developed their area. Though they’ve been gone for a few years, we have always felt they are part of the BACOG family.”

To read the full story in the Chicago Tribune/Lake Zurich Courier, click here.


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WaterDropletBarrington Area Council of Governments will be offering residents an easy and affordable way to test water from their private wells, officials said.

Eligible to participate are residents in Barrington, Barrington Hills, Lake Barrington, North Barrington, South Barrington and Tower Lakes and the unincorporated areas of Barrington and Cuba Townships. From Monday, Oct. 2 through Friday, Oct. 6, residents can visit the government offices to buy a basic testing kit for a $16 reduced rate during typical business hours.

Water samples will be collected from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 11, at The Garlands of Barrington, 1000 Garlands Lane in Barrington As part of the Oct. 11 effort, there will be presentations and question-and-answer sessions at 1 and 5 p.m. on topics including water quality, iron and bacteria treatment and softening technology.

For more information, contact the Barrington Area Council of Governments at (847) 381-7871.

To read this story in the Daily Herald, click here. 

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bacog-sign-2Barrington Area Council of Governments has a new leader for 2017-18. Tower Lakes Village President David R. Parro recently was selected as chairman of the executive board. Lake Barrington Village President Kevin Richardson was re-elected as vice chairman. In addition, retired Cuba Township Supervisor David Nelson was honored for his 13 years of service to the organization. The Barrington Area Council of Governments is a regional membership organization that plans for development, legislation, environmental protection and services through intergovernmental cooperation. Members are the villages of Barrington, Barrington Hills, Lake Barrington, North Barrington, South Barrington and Tower Lakes and the townships of Barrington and Cuba. You can view the Daily Herald article here.

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Friday FlashbackFollowing are some of the articles published by The Observer in the month of January since 2010. These articles, gathered from various publications and editorials, are noteworthy for residents in that they remind us of where we’ve been as a community.

BACOG cuts costs in hopes of keeping South Barrington – 2012

The Barrington Area Council of Governments has slashed its proposed annual budget by 25 percent in an effort to make continued involvement attractive to it members, particularly South Barrington.

One of the ways of doing that was to take up Barrington Hills Village President Robert Abboud’s offer to house the council’s administrative offices at his village hall, thus eliminating BACOG’s rent and utility costs for a time.

Read the Daily Herald article here, or view reader comments from the original Observer posting here.

Longmeadow Parkway fate may go to voters – 2013

If Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen gets his way, Kane County residents may be asked whether the county should proceed with long-planned improvement of transportation on the county’s north end.

Lauzen told County Board members Wednesday he would be reluctant to support further work on the proposed Longmeadow Parkway project without a demonstration of public support for the large, regional road project. Lauzen spoke at a meeting of the Kane County Board’s Transportation Committee.

Read the original “flip” preceding the later “flop” by Lauzen in the Northwest Herald article here.

Rosene rebuttal – 2015

A week ago we published our take on a 2005 document written by John Rosene that was presented to members of the Riding Club after the election of Bob Abboud that same year in an editorial titled, “We’ve been clubbed by commercial horse boarding” . Yesterday Mr. Rosene has shared his perspectives on that piece with us and has requested we publish them.

Read the original Observer post, Park District Commissioner Rosene’s perspectives and reader comments here.

Algonquin approves funding for Highland Avenue improvements – 2016

The Village Board has approved $1.2 million in funding for its Highland Avenue Roadway Improvement Project, which will bring improvements to about 4,700 feet of Highland Avenue and Spring Creek Road.

Assistant Village Manager Mike Kumbera said the project will reconstruct 3,500 feet of the road in Algonquin between Tanglewood Drive and the village limits and 1,200 feet of the road in Barrington Hills, from the village limits to Haegers Bend Road.

Kumbera said collaborating with Barrington Hills to do the whole stretch of road at once helped the village take advantage of economies of scale.

Read the full Northwest Herald article here.

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The Board of Trustees will be holding their regular monthly meeting Monday, December 19th, at 6:30 PM.  A copy of the agenda can be viewed here.

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well_water_testingBACOG will be facilitating the fall well water testing program provided by the Lake County Health Department beginning today.  Test kits are available at Village Hall and participating BACOG member village and township offices from September 26th through the 30th during regular business hours.

The price for the test kit, water analysis and results report is $16.00, payable by cash or check only.  Water samples must then be dropped off on Wednesday, October 5th, between the hours of 3:30 – 7:00 PM at The Garlands in Barrington.

To view a full description of this year’s BACOG well testing program, click here.

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Friday FlashbackFollowing are some of the articles published by The Observer for the months of July and August in recent years. These articles, gathered from various publications and editorials, are noteworthy for residents in that they remind us of where we’ve been as a community.

Village Board considering ZBA proposal on horse boarding – July 2011

ZBA chair Judith Freeman presented a proposal to address horse boarding codes in the Village at the July BOT meeting.  President Abboud deferred discussion/comment by the board of the ZBA proposal until the August BOT meeting to allow time for trustees to further consider the proposal.

The ZBA proposal calls for any property owner that boards ten (10) horses or more within the Village on R-1 properties to be classified as “Commercial” and residents boarding nine (9) or fewer horses would be allowed to conduct their businesses under the “Home Occupation Ordinance.”

The proposal can be viewed here.

Another blame game – July 2012

Monday evening the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) discussed public comments on the commercial horse boarding amendment to the Home Occupation Ordinance (HOO). During that meeting several members of the ZBA, most notably Chairperson Judith Freeman and Kurt Anderson, expressed their condescending opinions that residents who opposed the amendment failed to understand it.  Anderson, quoted in the Daily Herald cited what he called “a campaign of both disinformation and misinformation.”

Anderson is somewhat correct, as there has been an ongoing campaign to obfuscate the entire issue of expanding commercial boarding within Barrington Hills.  But the campaign is not being waged by opponents of commercial activity; it is being waged by our own Village leadership and administration.  And, it is a campaign of distraction, misinformation and spin.

Read the original editorial and comments here.

Our views on two horse boarding amendment proposals – July 2014

The Zoning Board of Appeals will conduct a public hearing Monday, July 21st  at 7:30 PM at Countryside School related to two proposed horse boarding text amendment proposals* submitted earlier this month.

Last week, The Observer summarized some of the highlights of the two proposals, such as hours of operations and allowable horse population (seeJuly 21 Zoning Board Public Hearing announced”). We have also commented on the apparent conflicts of interests stemming, in part, from these proposals.   Additional scrutiny of the proposals has led to some very troubling questions and discoveries.

The original article can be read here.

Deer Park board votes to withdraw from BACOG – July 2015

The Deer Park Village Board voted to end their membership in the Barrington Area Council of Governments (BACOG) during their last monthly meeting held on Monday, July 20th, by a vote of 4-1.

At their June meeting, the Deer Park board questioned Janet Agnoletti, Executive Director of BACOG, on a number of issues, including the way membership dues were determined among the various members.  Specifically, one board member questioned why the Deer Park share was so high, given the size and population of Deer Park in comparison to other BACOG members.

Read the original Observer article, including comments here.

Horse boarding continues to draw controversy in Barrington Hills – August 2011

Barrington Hills officials agree the village’s ordinance on home businesses needs tweaking to deal with large commercial horse boarders on residential properties, but they disagree on what exactly needs to be done.

The board held a joint meeting with the Zoning Board of Appeals this week to discuss the ordinance amendment ZBA members are currently working on. The Board of Appeals is looking at requiring large boarding operations, defined as 10 or more horses, to acquire a special use permit to the Home Occupation Ordinance. That ordinance allows people to run small businesses — everything from music lessons to attorney’s offices — from their homes.

Read more from the Chicago Tribune article here.

Why Barrington Hills must change – August 2014

In his WTTW documentary “Northwest of Chicago,” Geoffrey Baer quoted a local source who declared Barrington Hills, Barrington and South Barrington to be “North shore communities without the shore.”  This may have been true when the show first aired, but this is far from accurate today.

Read any recent real estate report on the average time on the market for homes in our area and you’ll find our Village bests all others for the wrong reasons.  Barrington Hills homes consistently have the longest time on the market and lead at the lowest sale price compared to the original asking price.  Home and lot values have plunged to prices not seen in over a decade.

Read more of the editorial, including comments, here.

Northwest Herald article misstates Longmeadow Parkway facts, polls readers – 2015

Today’s print and web-based editions of the Northwest Herald contain the same article published in the Kane County Chronicle Friday (see “Longmeadow Parkway project slated for 2016 start despite growing opposition”) regarding Barrington Hills’ opposition to the Longmeadow Parkway project.  Unfortunately, both articles, written by the same reporter, contain the following statement:

“After years of support, which included a successful 2006 advisory referendum, the Barrington Hills Village Board in June stated it now opposes the parkway.”

The Village of Barrington Hills has never posed a referendum question on any ballot pertaining to the Longmeadow Parkway project.

Read the original article and comments here.

-The Observer

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