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There’s a full moon risin’.

Starting Thursday evening, a brilliant supermoon will be visible in the sky.

Supermoons occur when a full moon reaches perigee, or the nearest point to Earth on its elliptical orbit around our planet.

They can appear as much as 14% larger and 30% brighter than the faintest moon of the year, according to NASA.

The moon will begin to appear full Thursday evening, and reach the peak of its full phase around 6 a.m. ET Friday.

Since it’s occurring close to this year’s autumnal equinox on Sept. 23, it’s also known as a harvest moon. That’s because historically farmers harvesting their summer-grown crops were helped by the bright moonlight shining shortly after sunset, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Harvest moons typically take place in September, though they can also happen in October depending on the lunar calendar.

This week will be your last chance to see a supermoon this year, Space.com reported.


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The Equestrian Commission will hold a meeting this evening at 6:30 PM.  Though scheduled to meet quarterly, this will be their first meeting in a year.

Topics on this evening’s agenda are:

  • Equestrian Trail Subdivision Easements, and
  • Equestrian Trail Licenses

A copy of the agenda can be viewed here.

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The Barrington Hills Park District Advisory Committee meets tomorrow evening at 7 PM.  Some of the topics on their agenda include:

  • Grounds / Landscaping Committee
  • Motorized vehicles in Forest Preserve
  • Additional clear-view windows to be added to the indoor arena for winter
  • Dust-free driveway and parking lot solution

A copy of their agenda can be viewed here.

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Dark Sky

Naperville Astronomical Association member Jim Hopkins looks at Saturn through his telescope in Naperville on Aug. 12, 2023. (Troy Stolt/for the Chicago Tribune)

Some of Drew Carhart’s earliest memories remind him of his love of nature. Not just trees, flowers or birds — but the stars, planets and galaxies visible in the night sky.

Fifty years ago, Carhart helped form the Naperville Astronomical Association, which now has two observatories, hosts regular “star parties” and teaches the community about astronomy and observing techniques.

But, due in part to light pollution and smoke from Canadian wildfires exacerbated by climate change, stargazing in the Chicago area is in danger. Some researchers estimate that North America experiences a 10% increase in light pollution — or the excessive use of artificial light — every year.

“You can’t overstate it — it’s like going deaf if you like music,” Carhart said. “It’s to the point where you can barely do it anymore.”

He and other enthusiasts are calling on the city and others to curb light pollution or risk missing out on starry night skies.

Growing up, Carhart said he learned the intricacies of the Milky Way from his suburban backyard in Naperville. But slowly, the 64-year-old said, he watched the stars disappear. If someone were to visit his childhood home today, he said, they could count the number of stars they see on their fingers.

Read more here.

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CHICAGO (CBS) – If you’re staying up to watch the CBS 2 News at 10 on Tuesday night, be sure to peek outside at some point, because a so-called “supermoon” will be lighting up the night sky.

The supermoon was already over South Africa earlier on Tuesday.

The full moon appears brighter and bigger than normal because it is closer to Earth than usual.

CBS 2 Meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist said despite some clouds, you should be able to catch a glimpse if you look to the southeast after sunset. And if you miss this one, there will be a second supermoon this month, called a super blue moon, on Aug. 30.


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New law allows event surveillance, building inspections, search and rescue

Next time you attend a parade, there might be an eye in the sky.

A new law signed by Gov. JB Pritzker on Friday expands local police departments’ authority to use drones to surveil certain events, respond to certain 911 calls, inspect buildings and participate in public relations events.

House Bill 3902 passed 56-1 in the Senate and 84-7 in the House with three members voting “present,” The law drew some concerns from civil liberties groups which ultimately led to added privacy protections and disclosure requirements.

The push to expand when police drone authority originated after a 2019 mass shooting at the Henry Pratt Company in Aurora, according to the bill’s House sponsor, Rep. Barbara Hernandez, D-Aurora. She and others received renewed calls after a 2022 shooting at a July 4th parade in Highland Park last year.

“I hope people are safe and that this can prevent anything else from happening,” Hernandez said.

Kenny Winslow, executive director of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, supported the measure and is already planning to offer training on the new law to police departments. He said drone technology could save lives and expects more departments to use them moving forward.

But he added that the protections contained in the bill – including requirements that police post notices if they are surveilling an event and keep a record of flight paths – were an important part of the final product.

“We’re trying to be as transparent with the public as we can,” Winslow said.

More here.

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The Barrington Hills Park District Board will hold a, “Park Board & Decennial Committee on Local Government Efficiency,” meeting this evening in person and via Zoom at 7:00 PM. Topics on their agenda include:

  • Horizon Farm Track Proposal
  • Local Government Efficiency Act Meeting
  • Review of Agreements with RCBH, FRVPC, FRVH

A copy of their agenda can be viewed here. Instructions for accessing the meeting remotely can be found here.

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The Barrington Hills Park District Board will hold a special meeting this evening in person and via Zoom at 7:00 PM. Topics on their agenda include:

  • Swear In New Commissioner
  • Election Of Board President, Vice-President, Appointment Of Secretary And Treasurer
  • Horizon Farm Track Proposal

A copy of their agenda can be viewed here. Instructions for accessing the meeting remotely can be found here.

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The Barrington Hills Park District will be hosting a special meeting tonight with the Cook County Forest Preserve District to discuss the Master Plan for the Horizon Farm property. The meeting begins at 7:00 PM at the Riding Center located at 361 Bateman Rd, and will also be available for participation via Webex remotely.

The meeting agenda for the Forest Preserve District portion of the discussion includes:

  • Open trails
  • Ongoing improvements

Then, the 2023 Horizon Farm master planning priorities follows including:

  • Track
  • Barn 11
  • Other amenities (parking lots, comfort stations, signage, etc.)
  • Maintenance of future Horizon trail system
  • Spring Creek trail system

Conspicuously absent from the agenda are topics such as hiking and walking, bicycling, cross-country skiing and birding.

After this portion of the meeting, Park District Commissioners will vote on the proposed (and clearly confidential), “Combined Budget & Appropriations Ordinance 2-08-2023-01.”

A copy of the agenda can be viewed here, and instructions for accessing the meeting remotely can be found here.

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The Barrington Hills Park District will hold a public hearing this evening at 6:45 PM regarding their, “Combined Budget & Appropriations Ordinance 02-08-2023-01.” As has been the case in previous annual hearings of this type, no, “Budget & Appropriations,” documentation has been provided by the District for taxpayers to review and comment on prior to the hearing.

Since it’s likely some members of the Riding Club and Trainers played a significant role in the drafting of the ordinance, they’ll have copies, and some might even share with those requesting a one (for a nominal fee, of course).

To view what little the District has posted in advance of the hearing, click here.

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