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This is a photo of a moon at over 98% full. The image was taken one day prior to the supermoon, or a moon that appears larger due to being the closest to earth in its elliptic orbit.

One of the year’s most prolific meteor showers will coincide with the final supermoon of 2022, joining forces for a rare celestial show Thursday night.

The Perseids meteor shower, which occurs annually when the Earth moves through the trail left behind by the Swift-Tuttle comet, can lead to 60 to 100 meteors per hour at its peak.

Stargazers will have to do a few things to give themselves the maximum opportunity to see it, though.

The peak of the show happens to fall on the same night that the “Sturgeon Moon” will be in the night sky, meaning that the extra light from the moon could potentially wash out some of the fainter trails of the meteors as they move through the atmosphere.

Fortunately, for those interested in spotting meteors, there are a few things you can do to see them.

First, the peak of the show will occur at midnight Friday, meaning that the “radiant point” of the meteor shower will be higher in the eastern horizon and the moon will be lower in the western horizon, providing for darker skies.

According to forecast models, the skies should be partly-to-mostly clear Thursday night and into Friday morning as a dome of high-pressure continues to exert its influence over the area.

Residents should also try to get away from city lights as much as possible to see the show, facing toward the east once they find dark enough skies to see the meteors fall.

Finally, officials at the Adler Planetarium are advising residents to give themselves plenty of time to adjust to the darkness. It can take the human eye 20 to 30 minutes to adjust to the darkness, and once it does, you’ll likely be able to see several meteors per minute.

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5 Star

Venus, from lower left to upper right, the moon, Mars, and Jupiter form a diagonal line in the eastern sky above Lake Michigan before sunrise on June 23, 2022. (John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune)

For the first time since December 2004, five planets — Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn — have moved into alignment, a rare sight visible to the naked eye throughout the month of June, but expected to reach peak visibility Friday morning.

While it is fairly common for the five planets to become visible in the sky at the same time, this month’s alignment is unique for the planets’ alignment in their order from the sun, according to Michelle Nichols, director of public observing at the Adler Planetarium. While the five planets are expected to become visible at the same time again in December, they won’t be in their current order from the sun again until 2040. Nichols said that finding a good location to view the alignment could be a “roll of the dice,” especially for people in the city.

“(Seeing all five planets) is pretty difficult in Chicago because Mercury and Venus are going to be very low in the sky, so you need a clear view pretty much downtown the eastern horizon,” she said. “So unless you’re in an area that is completely flat or you’re up on a little bit of a hill, the only place where you could see that in Chicago proper is down by the lakefront.”

Friday morning will be an extra special sight to stargazers, as not only will the five planets be visible just before sunrise, but the moon will also join the alignment, and Mercury will hit peak visibility. Though all of the planets should be visible to the naked eye, Nichols recommends stargazers bring binoculars to get a better look at Mercury.

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1.24.22 Agenda

Our Village Board of Trustees meets tomorrow evening at 6:30 PM.  Some of the topics on their agenda include:

  • [Vote] An Ordinance Granting an Amendment to an Existing Special Use Permit to Allow an Addition to Countryside Elementary School, 205 W. County Line Road Ordinance 22 –
  • [Vote] A Resolution Adopting an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Cook County Assessor’s Office to Facilitate Access to GIS Data Resolution 22 –
  • [Vote] Plan Commission Appointment: Maggie Topping, term expires 2024

A copy of their agenda can be viewed and downloaded here.

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The League of Women Voters has posted recordings of the two Village candidate forums they held Saturday morning.

The session for Village of Barrington Hills President candidates can viewed here, and the session for candidates running for Village Trustee seats can be viewed here.

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The Environmental Committee meets this afternoon after nearly a year of inactivity.  This will only be the fourth meeting Trustee Paula Jacobsen has scheduled since she took office in 2017, and the first three were called to discuss a single topic of  “Bee City USA.” 

Since Jacobsen is running for reelection, she must think she needs to have another meeting about bees to put on her “qualifications” for running. She has, however, added the topic of the “Blue Star Memorial” to the agenda, but that is for obvious reasons.  

You see, her property is adjacent to the Christ The Rock Church, which was granted a special use permit last night to operate a religious institution at 195 South Sutton Road, where the memorial is located. Not very subtle timing, is it?

And while we’re at it, aren’t there other topics that could be addressed by her committee?  Apparently Jacobsen doesn’t see the need or is not inclined to put forth the effort.   

A copy of her agenda can be viewed here. To listen in on the meeting remotely, dial 508-924-1464.

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“For billions of years all Life has relied on the Earth’s rhythm of Day & Night. Humans have radically changed this cycle by lighting up the night. The benefits are obvious, while the dangers go unmentioned.

Darkness interruption has a long list of dangerous negative impact. Declining insect populations, disrupted bird migration patterns, wildlife survival behavior, and even the life cycles of plants & trees are severely affected. Light pollution is also linked to Human diseases such as diabetes,  depression, obesity and cancer. 

Action you can take:  turn off lights when not needed, use soft yellow lights when possible and point them downward, keep lights away from habitats and DO NOT install lights in trees!  Get educated, raise awareness and share knowledge.

There is a lot more to this issue – and a lot that can be done by each of us to make good changes. (see CFC post here)”

Editorial note: For many of our readers this is déjà vu (all over again).  For those who weren’t around or have forgotten, our posting of, “Everything Is Deluminated,” from a November 2009 Wall Street Journal article might “shed some light” on what we mean.

Nonetheless, as light has crept back in to some properties in our Village, we applaud CFC for their message.

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The Village Board of Trustees will be holding their monthly meeting this evening at 6:30 PM. Some of the topics for discussion and/or vote include:

  • [Vote] A Resolution Approving the Execution of an Intergovernmental Agreement with Cook County for the Donlea Road Drainage Investigation Resolution 20 –
  • [Vote] A Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of ALPR Equipment and Related Services and Software for use by the Village Police Department Resolution 20 –
  • [Vote] An Ordinance Granting an Amendment to the Existing Special Use Permit for an Expansion of the Parking Lot at 160 Hawthorne Road Ordinance 20 –
  • [Vote] An Ordinance Adopting by Reference of the Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance 20 –
  • [Vote] A Resolution Consenting to an Amendment of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements for Hurstbourne Subdivision Resolution 20 –
  • [Vote] Resolution of Proclamation Congratulating Janet Agnoletti Upon Her Retirement From the Barrington Area Council of Governments Res 20 –

A copy of the agenda can be viewed here. Those wishing to try to listing in on the meeting can phone 508-924-1464.

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The recordings from October 26th Board of Trustees meeting have been released. Click here to access the link from the Village website.

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A blue moon will light up the night sky this Halloween. This only happens once every two and a half years, on average, NASA’s National Space Science Data Center reports.

October’s first full moon, also referred to as the harvest moon, appeared on the first day of the month, the blue moon, or the second full moon, can be seen on October 31st. We have not seen another blue moon occurrence in the Americas since March 2018, CNN reports.

Every month has a full moon, but because of how the lunar cycle and the calendar year aren’t entirely synced, we end up with two in the same calendar month every three years or so.

It is called a blue moon because it’ll be the second of two full moons that occurs in a single calendar month.

One interesting fact is that this is the first time a Halloween full moon has shown up for all time zones since 1944, the Farmers’ Almanac references. The last time a Halloween full moon showed was for the Central and Pacific time zones in 2001, CNN reports.

Another interesting fact is that when the phrase “once in a blue moon” was first used, it described something so rare, you wouldn’t believe you’d see it in your lifetime, NASA reports.

Read on here.

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The Village Board of Trustees will be holding their monthly meeting this evening at 6:30 PM. Some of the topics for discussion and/or vote include:

  • An Ordinance Granting an Amendment to the Existing Special Use Permit for an Expansion of the Parking Lot at 160 Hawthorne Road
  • An Ordinance Approving a Map Amendment Rezoning the Property Located at 32W 393 Algonquin Road from R1 Single Family Residence District to B-3 General Business District
  • Resolution Authorizing the Village’s Execution of an Intergovernmental Agreement and Subrecipient Agreement with the County of Kane for Coronavirus Relief Funds

A copy of the agenda can be viewed here. Those wishing to try to listing in on the meeting can phone 508-924-1464.

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