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The Riding Club of Barrington Hills (RCBH) recently released their September, 2021 newsletter. One of the sections provides an “update” on the August meeting of the Village Equestrian Commission regarding, Equestrian Trail Licenses:

“The Equestrian Commission met on the 19th of August to discuss the continued need for the Equestrian Trail Licenses issued by the Village for the purpose of riding on the Village deeded easement trails. 

By Ordinance in June in 2005, certain trails traversing private land in the Village exist as easements recorded in favor of the Village. The easements are generally in and around the newer subdivisions in the Village where the Village and the Equestrian Commission worked successfully with developers subdividing tracts of land to protect the continuity of the trail network and to maintain the unique character of the Village. Easement trails are maintained by the RCBH.  As set forth in Title 6 and Section 8-5 of the Village Code, equestrian use of easement trails is allowed solely by licenses issued by the Village of Barrington Hills. 

There is an ongoing discussion with a need for further information. As soon as the Equestrian Commission has that information a date will be determined for the next meeting.”

In other words, they’d rather not reveal anything that was discussed. No surprise.

A copy of the RCBH newsletter can be viewed and downloaded here.

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CD Arlington

Craig Duchossois talks to the Daily Herald during at Arlington Park Saturday August 14, 2021 in Arlington Heights. (Brian Hill | Staff Photographer)

Amid the pageantry of the final Arlington Million Day — a day to honor Dick Duchossois and his family for their contributions to horse racing — Duchossois’ son blamed not Arlington Park owner Churchill Downs Inc. but Illinois politicians for the planned destruction of the grand racing palace his father built.

Craig Duchossois, his father’s longtime right-hand man in family business matters, called Saturday’s tributes at the racetrack bittersweet and emotional after what he said has been the family’s “enjoyable but challenging” journey in Illinois racing and politics. His father, Arlington Park’s 99-year-old chairman emeritus, was at his Barrington Hills home, where he’s spent most of his time since the onset of the pandemic.

“I have no faith in our government in Illinois at all, including Gov. (J.B.) Pritzker. Springfield is a bigger swamp than Washington, if that’s possible,” Craig Duchossois said during an exclusive interview with the Daily Herald from his family’s grandstand suite.

Duchossois said Pritzker’s 2019 massive gambling expansion that awarded long-sought slots and table games to racetracks like Arlington came “too late.”

By then, Churchill Downs had already acquired a majority interest in nearby Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, and it soon declined to apply for the gambling positions at Arlington, which could have helped boost purse accounts for horse races.

“If they would’ve gotten their head out of the sand and done it 5 or 10 years earlier, whole different ballgame,” Duchossois said. “Who knows what would have happened then. But at least we would’ve been given the chance to compete fairly, and they didn’t allow that. And now they’re saying Churchill is at fault? That just doesn’t make any sense.”

Read more here.

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At the last night’s 220 Board of Education meeting, Dr. Robert Hunt gave a presentation to the Board about the district’s COVID-19 mitigation guidelines for the 2021-22 school year. You can view the district’s mitigation guidelines in the graphic below:

COVID-19 mitigation

A video accompanied his presentation that can be viewed here.

District 220 has also provided FAQ’s on Quarantine/Contact Tracing seen here.

Next, they shared the spin on the IL school mask mandate:

“On August 4, 2021 Governor Pritzker signed Executive Order #85 which requires universal masking in all public and private K-12 schools. The district is developing a matrix to use to determine when students and staff are able to begin to phase out mitigation strategies. The work is ongoing and will not be utilized until after Governor Pritzker lifts the school mask mandate.

Data sources being considered include community transmission data from the Northwestern Medicine Dashboard and Lake County Health Department for ZIP codes 60010, 60110, 60021, & 60192.

According to the Northwestern Medicine dashboard, as of August 10, 2021 the total new cases per 100,000 persons in the past seven days is at 101.9 for these four zip codes. Per the CDC, this is a high level of community transmission. Once the statewide school mask mandate is lifted and if the level of community transmission is moderate or low, the district is exploring the following data to consider when masks can be removed:

  • Vaccination rates
  • Person-to-person transmission rates per building as identified through contact tracing
  • Staff and students quarantined per building
  • Positive cases per building (SHIELD testing, BinaxNow, PCR)”

Finally, those wishing to visit 220’s “21-22 COVID-19 Information Hub,” will find it here and the YouTube recording of last night’s meeting can be witnessed here (video starts at the 28:00 mark, much to the chagrin of at least one AV geek no doubt).

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JB Flip Flop

Gov. J.B. Pritzker promised to respect local school boards and private school autonomy, until too few were doing what he wanted. So he reversed himself, mandating masks for both private and public Illinois schools.

Nearly 17,000 Illinoisans told the General Assembly in May they opposed a proposal that would have given the state more authority over private schools, and lawmakers listened.

Then Gov. J.B Pritzker essentially backed those parents when he said masks and other COVID-19 protocol should be a local decision, left to local school leaders being advised by local health departments.

“Families should be involved in making decisions for their own families. And, school districts and school boards will make decisions for the schools within their districts,” Pritzker said July 17.

But that was before so many school districts were exercising their freedom to choose and making what Pritzker considered to be the wrong decision.

“Far too few school districts have chosen to follow the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention prescription for keeping students and staff safe,” Pritzker said during a press conference Aug. 4. “Given the CDC’s strong recommendation, I had hoped that a state mask requirement in schools wouldn’t be necessary, but it is.”

So when Illinois students return to school in a few weeks, they will be wearing masks, by order of the governor. His statewide mask mandate covers all students, staff and visitors in both private and public schools, regardless of vaccination status.

Read more from Illinois Policy here.

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Michelle Hammer outside Deerfield High School on Aug. 4, 2021, in Deerfield. “As a mom of two athletes, I empathize with the students who are holding off on vaccinations and may face discrimination and exclusion from sports and other extracurricular activities.” (Stacey Wescott / Chicago Tribune)

At first glance, the hurling of F-bombs, menacing threats and burly security guards whisking away unruly members of the crowds packing suburban school board meetings in recent weeks seems straight out of a reality TV show.

But the scenes are unfolding in real time across the Chicago suburbs, where concerned parents and beleaguered school district officials on Wednesday greeted Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s mask mandate with everything from anger and sadness to relief and appreciation.

“Parents should be making the choice if they want their kids masked,” said Jenna Shields, a mother from Barrington.

“Hospitalizations are at pandemic lows, a vaccine is available. … Where does this stop?” Shields said.

Deerfield mom Michelle Hammer said she will ensure her two teenage daughters comply with Pritzker’s masking mandate when they start classes at Deerfield High School later this month.

But Hammer said she remains disheartened about the escalating tensions in her community after a recent dust-up with a Township High School District 113 school board member, who Hammer said directed an expletive toward her during a Monday virtual board meeting.

(Pritzker’s) mandate applies to public and private schools. A spokeswoman for the Archdiocese of Chicago, which announced last month masks would be optional for vaccinated students and employees at Roman Catholic schools, said Wednesday officials plan to “issue new guidance that conforms to the governor’s announcement.”

Read the full Tribune story here.

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District 220 Superintendent Robert Hunt

August 4, 2021

“Dear Barrington 220 Community,

My hope is that this communication finds you well and that you are enjoying time with friends and family as we proceed towards the opening of school. We are excited to welcome back students in grades 1-12 and Barrington Transition Center students on Friday, August 20, as well as our kindergarten and early childhood students on Tuesday, August 24. Schools and communities across the country have struggled to balance the health and safety challenges of COVID-19 with the important development of children academically, socially and emotionally. We celebrate the fact that we will be returning for full in-person learning, 5 days a week this fall.

This afternoon Governor Pritzker announced a statewide mask mandate for all K-12 schools. This means Barrington 220 will begin the school year with universal masking for all staff and students in grades PK-12+, regardless of vaccination status. Masks will remain optional when students and staff are outdoors.

As a parent and Superintendent of Schools, I appreciate and understand the challenges of the numerous changes that have occurred over the last 18 months. The words “flexibility” and “ability to pivot” have all too often equated to a change in the learning environment for our students. Keeping students at school for in-person learning is a priority as we transition into the 2021-22 school year.

The district administrative team has been working on the development of a matrix based on community and school-based data that may be used to inform mitigation decisions moving forward. This work will continue, as it will be critical information to guide decisions when we have the ability to make them locally. We will share a draft of the matrix, as well as an overview of all mitigation strategies that will be in place for the opening of school at the Board of Education meeting on August 10 at 7pm at Barrington High School.

It is important to remember how far we have come, as one year ago many students remained at home for virtual learning. We must recognize that although there are varying opinions, success lies in our ability to have all of our students in person working with the amazing Barrington 220 staff. Our children have always looked to the adults in their lives in times of uncertainty, and it is important that we provide a calming presence as we head into this school year. I appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to welcoming our students and staff back soon.”

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The Village Board of Trustees will be conducting their monthly meeting Monday evening at 6:30 PM.  Some of the topics on their agenda include:

  • [Vote] Ordinance Amending Title 8, Deleting in its Entirety, Chapter 5,
    Equestrian Trail License Ordinance 21 –
  • [Vote] An Ordinance Approving a Text Amendment to Add Canine Day Care
    and/or Doggy Day Care with Grooming, Training and Boarding, Day Care/Child
    Care/After School Care and Church/House of Worship to the List of Special
    Uses in the B3 General Business District Ordinance 21 –
  • [Vote] An Ordinance Amending Title 4, Building Regulations of its Code of
    Ordinances to Update Code References Ordinance 21 –
  • [Vote] A Resolution Authorizing and Approving the Execution of an “Amazon
    Locker Location Agreement” Allowing Placement of an Amazon Delivery
    Kiosk/Locker in Village Hall Resolution 21 –
  • [Vote] Equestrian Commission Appointment: Tricia Wood – Term through April
  • 9th Annual The Hills Are Alive Fall Festival – Sunday, September 19th – Noon
    to 4 PM

A copy of the disappointing agenda can be viewed and downloaded here.

Why disappointing you may ask?  Because for the third month in a row this administration has failed to step up publicly to address a clear conflict of interest existing at our Village Hall. Matter of fact, there isn’t even a place on the agenda to report what was discussed at the specifically nonspecific Personal Committee meeting held Monday.

Residents deserve better.

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From District 220:

“At the July 21 special Board of Education meeting, the Board and Dr. Robert Hunt, Superintendent of Schools, thanked the many community members who have reached out through emails, phone calls and public comment at Board meetings to share their perspective on COVID-19 protocols for the 2021-22 school year. In addition, Dr. Hunt expressed the importance of continuing to work together in order to move forward, and presented the Board with a plan that prioritizes in-person learning and layered mitigations.

To listen to Dr. Hunt’s presentation, click the video link above. You can also click here to view the presentation in PDF format.

The Board did not take any action at the meeting, however based on the discussion, it is anticipated that students in grades PreK-5 will begin the school year wearing masks indoors. The district will add Shield testing to obtain school based data, and develop a matrix which will inform decision making on mitigation strategies throughout the school year. The Board plans to continue the discussion at its next regularly scheduled meeting on August 10.

To date, the following decisions have been made regarding masks for the 2021-22 school year:

  • The district recommends that all students who are not fully vaccinated wear masks indoors, however students in grades 6-12 will not be required to do so.
  • ALL students will not be required to wear masks outdoors.
  • Masks will be required on buses for students and staff, regardless of vaccination status (per the Centers for Disease Control Order for Public Transportation).
  • Staff who submit proof of vaccination will not be required to wear masks indoors.

In addition, the district will have many mitigation strategies in place at all schools for the 2021-22 school year.

Click hereto view the 2021-2022 mitigation strategies

It is important to note that the CDC, IDPH and Lake County Health Department are leaving mitigation decisions up to local school districts. However, IDPH and the Lake County Health Department fully endorse the recent CDC school guidance and collectively support universal masking. Barrington 220 will continue to receive support and input from the Lake County Health Department, but the health department will not formally approve any Lake County school district plans. In addition, the district anticipates that IDPH will be releasing updated guidance for schools in the near future, which may impact these decisions. Barrington 220 continues to recognize the importance of flexibility, as guidance can quickly change based on public health data.”

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220 Mask WarBARRINGTON, Ill. (CBS) — It is a debate happening at almost every school district in the state and around the country – what to do when it comes to masking this fall.

On Wednesday night, there was no shortage of fireworks in Barrington when the issue came up. The meeting had been going on for more than four hours as of 10 p.m., and more than 60 people had signed up.

Constant interruptions and outbursts forced Barrington 220 School District board to take a recess just minutes into the meeting Wednesday night, which focused on the divisive issue of masks for COVID-19.

Some of the biggest reaction from the crowd came in response to smallest in attendance. Children chanted, “We don’t want to wear these masks,” and had the words, “Please don’t make me wear a mask,” printed on their T-shirts.

“You are simply making decisions based on your own fears,” one girl told the board.

The district is recommending masks for unvaccinated students in grades 6 through 12 grade – but they aren’t required. Kids younger than 12 who aren’t yet eligible for the vaccine will continue wearing masks.

View the CBS Chicago report here.

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The 220 Board of Education meets this evening at 6:30 PM at Barrington High School located at 616 W Main St.  A copy of their agenda can be viewed here.

Please note the agenda states the following:

“Public Comment can be made in one of two ways:

  • By 12:00 pm (noon) on July 21st leave a voicemail message at 847-842-3576. This will be played during the public comment portion of the January 21st board meeting.
  • By making a public comment in person at the meeting.

This meeting will also be transmitted virtually at bit.ly/220schoolboardlive. Please click on the July 21st meeting, which will appear on the site when the meeting actually begins.”

As “public comment averse” as some on the board are, it should not be assumed comments communicated by email or print will be accepted by this board.

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