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Police arrest a student who was found with a replica gun inside Barrington High School on September 16. | Photo via Snapchat

A student who was found with a pellet gun at Barrington High School earlier this month, prompting a hard lockdown, was petitioned on charges to juvenile court, authorities said.

The school went into a “full building lockdown” on September 16, according to a message sent to parents from Barrington 220 administration.

The lockdown occurred just before school started around 8:30 a.m. School officials said a group of students notified administrators about another student carrying a gun in one of the bathrooms.

The school was put on immediate lockdown “out of an abundance of caution.” The Barrington Police Department responded to the school.

The school resource officer was the first to locate the student, who was carrying a pellet gun underneath their clothing, according to the school. The student was taken into police custody and the lockdown was lifted.

Parents were seen picking up their children from the school following the lockdown. A photo posted on social media showed a classroom door barricaded with tables during the lockdown. Officials said there was no threat at Barrington High School and classes resumed after the lockdown.

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Serial,Killer,With,Bloody,AxeBy John Kass

Chicago has always suffered a Second-City syndrome when it comes to New York, but just wait until Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s controversial new no-cash bail law for accused violent criminals becomes a reality in January.

Could Chicago have its own rage-filled hatchet wielding man chopping up some local McDonald’s, just like New York’s Michael Palacios  who walked free and didn’t need bail?

It was amazing. On the video, he becomes angry with others in the McDonald’s and then takes out his trusty hatchet to  terrifies the chicken nuggets out of them.

“Everything that Palacios is seen doing on that video, from smashing plate glass partitions, breaking tables, chopping his hatchet into walls, and waving it at patrons is a non-bailable offense,” reported the New York Post columnist Jim Quinn.

“The video of his activity only lasts a few minutes, but under New York law, he could have done that all day long and then done the same thing at a Burger King or pizza parlor down the street, smashing the windows of every store he passed, waving the hatchet at every passerby and a judge STILL could not have set bail on him,” continued Quinn. “At his arraignment on these charges, he could have said to the judge I can buy a bigger hatchet and I’m gonna do the same thing when I get out. And a judge STILL couldn’t set bail on him. He could have had a record of 30 prior convictions, but as long as none of them were pending when he did this, a judge STILL could not have set bail on him, because under New York law, a judge cannot consider public safety or risk of re-offending when setting bail.”


Unfortunately I am not a lawyer. So I can’t speak to the fine points of the broken bail system during this national crime wave, either the broken system in New York under George Soros prosecutor District Attorney Alvin Bragg or  Chicago under George Soros prosecutor Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, or most every urban area suffering from 40 percent crime spikes over last year.

All I know is that Democrats have controlled both towns for more than 100 years. And that Democrats and their mouthpieces defending them on this bail, no-bail clown show keep insisting that criticism is all about terrifying white wealthy suburbanites about black and brown criminal offenders.

Federal crime statistics tell us that criminal violence is perpetrated mostly by minorities and Democrats who run the bit cities aren’t enthusiastic about arresting and sending minority criminals to prison. But they skip over another fact: Most victims of urban and suburban criminal violence are also minorities. Minority men. Minority women. Minority children suffering PTSD. Minority grandparents robbed in wheel chairs.  Black and brown people of color are suffering at the hands of left wing social warrior demagogues. Their needs are sacrificed to Democrat power politics.

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By John Kass

Do you feel safe in Chicago?

The great city by the lake was once famed for its toughness and unbreakable will. But now it curls up into the fetal position as uncontrolled violent crime and legitimate concerns over the Democrat Safe-T Act–which will do away with cash bail on Jan. 1–bleed the city dry.

Democratic political leaders are on the defensive before the mid-term elections. Some like Gov. J.B. Pritzker have been reduced to babbling. Others like Mayor Lori Lightfoot go into hiding. More than a dozen city council members have resigned. They look to the chaos from the mayor’s office and begin turning away.

The bleeding continued Thursday with news that seven children had been shot in the street gang wars in separate incidents, including a 3-year-old shot at home while sleeping. Oh, and anti-violence activists were listed among the wounded at yet another Chicago mass shooting.

CWB Chicago reported that police warned about yet a third armed robbery crew working the city from the West Loop to Edgewater.

But don’t fret, Lightfoot has made sure that no repeat criminals—including violent muggers, robbers, shooters or murderers–will have to risk being hurt in a police chase.

And there had been no arrests in that infamous Sunday afternoon street mugging in the leafy Lakeview neighborhood, where a woman walking alone was attacked, pulled to the ground by thugs and robbed. The poor woman’s piercing screams were caught on a doorbell security camera. And those screams have cut deeply into Illinois politics and focused the people on the Democrat criminal justice centerpiece—the Safe-T Act signed and applauded by Gov. Pritzker.

And to all this comes Chris Kempczinski, the CEO of McDonald’s Corp. who spoke at the Economic Club of Chicago luncheon and delivered a series of body blows to Mayor Lightfoot’s reelection campaign:

The issue? Crime and her inability to handle it. Crime is up almost 40 percent in Chicago, though murder numbers have dropped slightly. Kempeczinski told his audience that violent crime makes it difficult to attract employees to Chicago.

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Cindy Mulligan, stepdaughter of Donnie Rudd, in 2016 near Bateman and Dundee roads in Barrington Hills, close to the site where Noreen Kumeta Rudd died in 1973. (Stacey Wescott / Chicago Tribune)

Convicted murderer Donnie Rudd has died while serving his prison sentence — 49 years to the day after the death of his wife, whom he was found guilty of killing in 2018.

Rudd was an attorney and school board member in Hoffman Estates in 1973 when his wife of less than a month, 19-year-old Noreen Kumeta, died from what police believed at the time were injuries from a car crash in Barrington Hills, with Rudd behind the wheel.

Despite some of the unusual circumstances of the case — including that Rudd had been living with another woman and her children up until his wedding to Kumeta — Rudd remained a free man for four decades.

But authorities were prompted to take a fresh look at the case in 2013, after an Arlington Heights detective — while reviewing the 1991 unsolved murder of a local woman who was Rudd’s client — raised new suspicions. Kumeta’s body was exhumed and a pathologist found she’d died of blunt-force injuries to her skull that were inconsistent with a car crash.

In 2015, Rudd was arrested in Texas and charged in his wife’s murder. He was convicted in 2018, despite his continued assertions of his innocence.

Rudd, who was sentenced to 75 to 150 years in prison, died Wednesday.

Rudd was 80.

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Christopher Castillo

A Carpentersville man who said God told him to kill his family’s dog pleaded guilty Wednesday to aggravated cruelty to an animal.

Christopher Castillo, 24, was sentenced to 18 months of probation. He could have received up to three years in prison.

Castillo is required to continue participating in psychotherapy.

According to Kane County Forest Preserve District police, around 4:30 a.m. March 25, 2021, Castillo told his parents he was taking the dog out for a walk.

When he did not return by 8 a.m., they reported him missing. The family eventually found Castillo’s car, a piece of clothing and the wounded dog in the parking lot of the Helm Woods Forest Preserve near Barrington Hills, authorities said.

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Barrington Road Rage

Sheriff’s deputies say they found these weapons in a pickup truck driven by road rage suspect Farid Sagidov in Barrington Township. (Courtesy of Cook County sheriff’s office)

By Jonah Nink
Daily Herald correspondent

A Texas man who punched a motorcyclist Tuesday in a Barrington Township road rage case also faces a weapons charge, the Cook County sheriff’s office said Wednesday.

A sheriff’s deputy saw Farid Sagidov, 40, of Quitman, Texas, punch a 49-year-old man about 3:50 p.m. Tuesday on 1200 block of South Northwest Highway, according to a news release. Authorities said the assault happened after Sagidov refused to allow the victim to merge in front of his pickup truck.

The deputy arrested Sagidov and recovered a loaded gun, two additional magazines and two knives from his truck, the news release said. Sagidov did not have a FOID card or concealed carry license, police said.

Sagidov is charged with felony aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and misdemeanor counts of reckless conduct, bodily harm and battery.

Sagidov’s bond was set at $5,000 Wednesday in Rolling Meadows.


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Two former ComEd executives and two consultants, one a longtime confidant of Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, have pleaded not guilty to federal charges against them alleging that they conspired in a bribery scheme to influence the powerful lawmaker, who has not been charged with any criminal wrongdoing but now faces a massive uphill political battle to retain his long-held leadership role amid the scandal. NBC 5’s Mary Ann Ahern reports.

The ICC approved the rebate during its regularly-scheduled meeting on Wednesday. A $31 million rebate will be issued by the company directly to consumers to help pay off costs associated with the highly-publicized bribery scheme, while another $7 million rebate will be awarded to consumers through a “federal regulatory process,” according to the ICC.

ComEd also was required to pay a $200 million fine to the government as part of a deferred prosecution agreement in connection with the scheme.

“The quality and value of ComEd’s service to our customers is arguably the best in the nation, but we recognize that delivering excellent performance and value for the dollar is not enough, and we are equally dedicated to earning and maintaining our customers’ trust,” the utility said in a statement.

While it is unclear when the rebates will be issued, likely as a credit on the bill of customers, the rebate amount would average out to around $5 per customer.

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Unemployment Fraud

A U.S. Department of Labor report stated Illinois failed to report theft of pandemic relief money as required. Illinois lost over half of pandemic unemployment funds to fraud.

The U.S. Department of Labor criticized Illinois for failing to report data on fraudulent pandemic unemployment payments, stating future fraud is hard to prevent when past fraud isn’t tracked.

Illinois lost over half of its pandemic unemployment funds to fraud, according to a state audit.

“Without accurate state performance information, Congress and the [Employment and Training Administration] are not able to fully assess state activities and mitigate the risk of overpayments and fraud for future programs of a similar nature,” the report stated.

A separate report from Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino found about $1.9 billion of the $3.6 billion distributed from July 2020 to June 2021 was paid to illegitimate accounts.

Online chat rooms offered tutorials on how to scheme Illinois’ unemployment benefits through identity theft, according to David Maimon, criminology professor at Georgia State University.

“We see many identities, many bank accounts, many driver’s licenses that are associated with Illinois residents” for sale on the dark web, Maimon said.

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Barrington Hills Murders

The front page of the Daily Herald from Aug. 8, 1972, shares news of the murders three days earlier of Paul and Marion Corbett, Marion’s sister Dorothy Derry and Marion’s daughter Barbara Boand.

Fritz Gohl remembers growing up in Barrington Hills during the 1950s and 1960s when nobody locked their doors. That changed on Aug. 5, 1972, after residents of the affluent Northwest suburb awoke to the news that four of their neighbors had been murdered in their home in what appeared to be a robbery gone wrong.

The tragedy, which unfolded 50 years ago Thursday, claimed the lives of 67-year-old Paul Corbett, a retired insurance executive; his 58-year-old wife, Marion, a pianist and composer; her daughter Barbara Boand, 22; and Marion’s sister Dorothy Derry, 60.

One police officer described the killings as “wholesale slaughter.”

Coming 10 years before the Tylenol murders based in the suburbs and more than two decades before the Brown’s Chicken massacre in Palatine — seven were killed in each of those cases — the shooting deaths of four people inside a Barrington Hills estate dispelled the notion that the suburbs were somehow immune to the staggering violence that affects other communities.

In the aftermath, families bought guns and guard dogs, said Gohl, a Barrington Township trustee who previously served 16 years as a Barrington Hills village trustee.

“People were quite concerned,” Gohl said. “Was this random, or was something else involved?”

Random evil

In a 1972 report, Time magazine compared the slayings to the 1969 Tate-LaBianca murders committed by the Manson Family and quoted then-Cook County Sheriff Richard Elrod positing that racial hatred “could have been one of the primary motives” for the murders. While the victims were chosen at random, published reports focused on the fact that the victims were white and the assailants were Black.

It all began when four strangers showed up at the Corbett house on Aug. 4, 1972, asking for directions.

Donald Taylor, his brother Reuben Taylor, Michael Clark and Nathaniel Burse were 20-something Vietnam War veterans identified as members of De Mau Mau, a loosely organized militant group whose members were implicated in slayings in Highland Park, Monee and southern Illinois. Authorities said the crimes were racially motivated.

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Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx

In Chicago, homicides and shootings are surging while carjackings and shoplifting are rampant. The town is becoming more like the Wild West – no law and no order. And much of the blame falls on its chief law enforcement officer, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx.

Foxx’s record is blotted by botched cases and improprieties (e.g., Jussie Smollett) and public tension with her law enforcement and city partners (i.e., Chicago Police, the City Council and Mayor Lori Lightfoot) who have all bemoaned her conduct and public safety policies. Even Foxx’s longtime chief investigator has had enough and resigned last month to keep his “integrity, morals, and ethics intact.”

While the State’s Attorney has a lot of adversaries, she has one very well-heeled friend: George Soros. Based on campaign donations, the billionaire loves Foxx – lavishing cash on her with $2.7 million poured into her two campaigns to be chief prosecutor.

That money came in the form of two PACs funded almost exclusively by Soros. In 2016, Illinois Safety and Justice PAC spent $708,000 on Foxx with $408,000 coming direct from Soros and the rest via another PAC that Soros finances, Civic Participation Action Fund. In 2020, Foxx got another $2 million from Soros before her heated Democratic primary.

As crime soared and cases crumbled, Foxx has spent weeks away from Cook County on junkets across the country with fellow Soros-backed district attorneys including Los Angeles’ George Gascon, Philadelphia’ Larry Krasner, and the now-former DA for San Francisco Chesa Boudin.

Our study – examining campaign finance reports across the country – identified over $40 million in campaign spending by Soros to elect progressive prosecutors including Foxx. At least 75 Soros-linked prosecutors hold office today – stretching from Orlando to Seattle, Los Angeles to the Washington, DC suburbs. Those district attorneys preside over 40% of homicides and represent jurisdictions covering one in five (72 million) Americans.

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