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Brayer Arias-Colazo

Brayer Arias-Colazo, 30, of Carpentersville.

A man has been sentenced to four and a half years in prison after pleading guilty in a high-speed drunk driving crash that killed a 5-month-old baby and left other children injured in Barrington Hills.

Brayer Arias-Colazo, 30, of Carpentersville, was charged with eight counts of aggravated driving under the influence, reckless homicide and speeding 35 mph or more over the limit.

Court records show Arias-Colazo entered into a negotiated plea deal in November.

He pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated driving under the influence causing death, a Class 2 felony.

The crash occurred around 7 p.m. on November 3, 2016, at the intersection of Route 25 and Silverstone Drive on the border of Algonquin and Barrington Hills.

The Barrington Hills Police Department said Arias-Colazo was traveling southbound on Route 25 in a 2001 Ford pickup truck.

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2023 Seats Up For Reelection

Angela Wilcox, Leah Collister-Lazzari and Barry Altshuler

Angela Wilcox, current and second longest serving 220 Board of Education member, recently withdrew from the race for another term on the board.  This week, the district’s superintendent, Dr. Robert Hunt, announced his departure only eighteen (18) after his installment (as an aside, the BOE under former President Kazmier and then VP Ficke-Bradford spent nearly a year and Lord knows how much in taxpayer dollars searching for Hunt in 2020).

In light of these two recent events, we think it’s time to take a good look at the candidates running for 220 Board of Education in the upcoming April election.

Incumbent Barry Altshuler, a pediatrician who espouses on his professional website to believing in ‘holistic’ care, routinely advocated for vaccination of students, to keep students remote and masked. Altshuler voted to keep Gender Queer in the District’s libraries, saying, “kids need the book,” and he “wished that book was around when (he) was in middle school.”  For reference, the book is recommended for ages 16 and up.

Altshuler was also heard violating the doctor/patient HIPPA confidentiality when he discussed his patient, Alex Strobl, publicly during BOE meetings surrounding the controversy of Strobl dropping from the 2021 BOE election.

Incumbent Leah Collister-Lazzari voted to keep students remote and masked.  Collister-Lazzari also wrote emails micro-managing Dr. Hunt, such as asking him to tell BHS basketball coaches to make sure the kids were properly masked while playing sports.

In December, Collister-Lazzari voted remotely for an increase in the levy while on a purported ‘business meeting’ in New Zealand, yet also advocated in favor of the District increasing the parental cost of kindergarten enrichment and voted against keeping the fees at their current rate in favor of raising them.

During the D220 strategic planning meetings she brought a 3×5 card with Ficke-Bradford’s equity statement written on it and advocated to have the equity statement put into the D220 mission statement.

Most egregiously, in the opinion of the Observer, in 2021 when three new members of the current Board were sworn in for their first BOE meeting, Altshuler and Collister-Lazzari colluded with Sandra Ficke-Bradford and Erin Chan Ding to oust Member Wilcox from any position as a Board Officer. Wilcox was 6 years into the position, to Altshuler’s and Collister-Lazzari’s 2, and had an exemplary record as the Treasurer of the Board in preceding years.

In addition, the public had made it clear to the BOE Board that Wilcox was preferred to succeed to the position of President surrounding controversial actions of Ficke-Bradford and Kazmierz and their treatment of Alex Strobl who withdrew as a candidate in the 2021 election following their strong-arm tactics.

For these reasons, and more to come, we urge voters NOT to vote for Barry Altshuler and Leah Collister-Lazzari.  They do not deserve to continue on our 220 school board.

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Porsche Oops

A Porsche stolen from Motor Werks in Barrington crashed outside of the dealership on Dundee Road while fleeing from police Sunday morning. | Photo: Benjamin Lundquist

Two have been charged after multiple high-end cars were stolen from a car dealership in Barrington, which resulted in four separate crashes, including a police car that was rammed.

The Barrington Police Department responded around 8 a.m. Sunday to the Motor Werks, located at 1475 South Barrington Road in Barrington.

Several vehicles were stolen from the business, which is a collection of dealerships including Porsche, INFINITI, Honda, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Officers were notified about suspicious activity at the business, police officials said.

Officers arrived and observed numerous offenders stealing vehicles from the Motor Werk’s car lot. The security gate had also been opened.

An officer positioned his squad car across the exit to the dealership to block the suspects.

One of the offenders, identified as Tavarius Jackson, 27, of Chicago, was in a stolen vehicle attempting to exit.

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Crash with entrapment at Barrington Road and Algonquin Road in South Barrington after suspects fled with multiple stolen autos from Motor Werks of Barrington.

Police from Barrington and Barrington Hills responded about 8:00 a.m. Sunday, January 22, 2023 to a report of a theft of multiple vehicles in progress at Motor Werks of Barrington, 1475 South Barrington Road in Barrington near the intersection of Dundee Road and Barrington Road.

Upon arrival, a suspect fleeing the scene in a stolen vehicle rammed a Barrington Police Department patrol vehicle, disabling both vehicles. Several other vehicles were also stolen from Motor Werks of Barrington, and the offenders stealing the vehicles fled at a high rate of speed.

According to the Barrington Police Department, police from Barrington and several other police agencies responded to the incident. According to Barrington Police Department, several suspects were taken into custody.

Crash scenes with personal injuries were reported at three locations: Dundee Road and Barrington Road, Algonquin Road and Barrington Road, and Dundee Road and Ela Road. Several of the vehicles were severely damaged, and a lot of debris from crashed vehicles was in the roadways after the crashes occurred. At one of the crash scenes, a vehicle hit a utility pole with power lines, but none of the power lines appeared damage, and the pole did not appear to damaged either. However, fire command requested ComEd responded to the scene to inspect the utility pole and power lines.

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Police say they are actively searching for an offender who fled on foot after multiple suspects stole vehicles from Motor Werks in Barrington Sunday morning.

The Barrington Police Department said they responded to the Motor Werks, located at 1475 South Barrington Road in Barrington.

Several vehicles were stolen from the business, which is a collection of dealerships including Porsche, INFINITI, Honda, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Officers were able to take multiple offenders into custody.

Police said late Sunday morning that they were still searching for one additional suspect.

The offender is a male black who was last seen on foot from the business, police said.

Officials believe the suspect possibly left the area.

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U.S. wireless carrier T-Mobile said Thursday that an unidentified malicious intruder breached its network in late November and stole data on 37 million customers, including addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth. | Michael Dwyer/AP

The U.S. wireless carrier T-Mobile said Thursday that an unidentified malicious intruder breached its network in late November and stole data on 37 million customers, including addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth.

T-Mobile said in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that the breach was discovered Jan. 5. It said the data exposed to theft — based on its investigation to date — did not include passwords or PINs, bank account or credit card information, Social Security numbers or other government IDs.

“Our investigation is still ongoing, but the malicious activity appears to be fully contained at this time,” T-Mobile said, with no evidence the intruder was able to breach the company’s network. It said the data was first accessed on or around Nov. 25.

T-Mobile said it has notified law enforcement and federal agencies, which it did not name. It did not immediately respond to an e-mail seeking comment.

The company has been hacked multiple times in recent years. In its filing, T-Mobile said it did not expect the latest breach to have material impact on its operations. But a senior analyst for Moody’s Investors Service, Neil Mack, said in a statement that the breach raises questions about management’s cyber governance and could alienate customers and attract scrutiny by the Federal Communications Commission and other regulators.

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Prosecutors in a case involving Michael Madigan say they have wires of the former Illinois House speaker acknowledging operatives “made out like bandits” in a scheme involving utility ComEd.

In 2020, federal prosecutors and Exelon subsidiary ComEd reached a deferred prosecution agreement. As part of the agreement, the utility admitted it paid $1.3 million in jobs and contracts to associates of Madigan over nearly a decade to influence the former House speaker. ComEd agreed to pay a $200 million fine.

Madigan was later charged with 22 corruption-related counts in the case. The four others charged are Michael McClain, a former state lawmaker and ComEd lobbyist who was one of Madigan’s closest associates; former ComEd CEO Anne Pramaggiore; former ComEd lobbyist John Hooker; and former ComEd consultant Jay Doherty. They’ve all pleaded not guilty.

Jury selection in the case against the four excluding Madigan begins March 7. Madigan’s trial begins in April 2024.

A filing ahead of the March case details corruption charges against the three former ComEd officials and McClain.

Tuesday’s ‘Santiago Proffer and Motion to Admit Evidence’ filing totals 126 pages.

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Prosecutors say that a AAA roadside assistance worker sent himself nude photos from the phone of a woman whose car had broken down in Lake County.

Lake and McHenry County Scanner is withholding the name of the worker, a 22-year-old Wheeling man, because the case has since been dropped against him.

Lake County Assistant State’s Attorney Emma Smoler said that a woman called AAA on December 21 for a flat tire.

The 22-year-old man, who works for AAA, came out and determined the woman’s car needed to be towed.

The woman’s phone was out of battery and the cigarette lighter in the woman’s car was broken, Smoler said during a bond hearing.

The worker agreed to charge the woman’s phone for her while they waited for the tow truck.

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Editorial note: We’d like to think most are smarter than this…

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Safety Act

A Kankakee County judge has found that a key provision of Illinois’ sweeping criminal justice law violates the state constitution, potentially rolling back a controversial measure that would eliminate cash bail as of New Year’s Day, according to a copy of the judge’s ruling.

The judge’s ruling affects only the pretrial release provisions of the law, leaving all other measures of what is known as the SAFE-T Act intact. Judge Thomas Cunnington is expected to officially file his ruling Thursday morning.

Cunnington’s decision stems from lawsuits filed by several dozen state’s attorneys across Illinois. Cunnington agreed with the prosecutors’ argument that the state legislature violated the separation of powers component of the Illinois Constitution when it passed a measure eliminating cash bail and, therefore, interfered with the duties of the judiciary.

He noted in his 36-page opinion that the Illinois Supreme Court has specifically held that judges have “independent, inherent authority to deny or revoke bail to ‘preserve the orderly process of criminal procedure.’”

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“Pick up your mail promptly after delivery. Do not leave mail in your mailbox overnight. Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to pick up your mail if you are expecting checks, credit cards, or other negotiable items.

Please contact the issuing agency immediately if you are expecting and do not receive a check or other valuable mail.

Bank online. If possible, please refrain from mailing checks, cash, gift cards, or other negotiable items. Check with your bank’s online services, as most offer secure and easy-to-use phone apps.

If you must send a check in the mail, use a gel pen to write checks, as ballpoint pen ink can be easily washed off a check.

Monitor bank activity online and review bank statements as soon as they are received to check for discrepancies

Drop off mail at the post office. Take mail containing checks directly to the post office counter to be mailed and record the names of the postal employees who take the check in case an issue arises later.

Use plain white envelopes to mail checks. Please don’t use return envelopes with the utility logo or municipality for tax payments. These tend to be easy targets for thieves.

Do not send cash in the mail.

Tell your Post Office when you will be out of town, so they can hold your mail until you return.

Lastly, if you see something, say something. Be sure to call 911 if suspicious activity is near any mailbox.”


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