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barrington220In October and November 2018, the D220 Board of Education is seeking community feedback on the master-facility plan, to narrow down which parts a potential referendum question should focus on in the April 2019 general election. The Board is gathering this feedback through a phone survey, online survey and Referendum Advisory Committee. To take the online survey or view the Master Plan at barrington220.org/blueprint220

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220 Logo The new 2018-19 school year is underway as Barrington District 220 officials move ahead with a public-information campaign on a proposed multi-million dollar project to overhaul and upgrade several school buildings across the district.

If approved by a referendum in a possible spring 2019 vote, the master plan, known as Blueprint 220, will impact school facilities over the next 20 years and improve student learning, officials stated a district release.

The 220 Board of Education could adopt a formal plan in early September, and then seek public input on its most important features to the community for changes and emphasis.

“I think in the last 1-1/2 years, we’ve worked hard in preparation,” said District 220 Superintendent Brian Harris. “We have lots of information to present, such as costs, what type of classrooms and how it all becomes what we think the community wants.”In collecting more community feedback, the board of education is considering conducting a telephone survey within the District 220 boundaries.

Harris said the survey will target community members who no longer have children in the district, “because they’re part of the community as taxpayers.”

In addition, the board could form a referendum advisory committee comprised of many community members, according to the district statement.

“The community gets the final decision,” Harris said, adding school officials have not encountered any unforeseen problems while researching the proposed projects.

“Now, it’s just about making an educated decision,” he said.

The community input period is in October and November.

Among the considered projects are a new 800-seat fine arts center for Barrington High School and a $60-million plan to build a third middle school.

Also, the school board has discussed $9.9 million for a “future-ready” renovation of classrooms at Barrington High School.

To read the full Barrington Courier-Review article, click here.

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VBH__LogoThe Village Board will meet on tonight September 25th at 6:30 PM. The agenda and e-Packet can be found here.

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220 LogoThe Barrington District 220 Board of Education will be meeting this evening at 7:00 PM at Barrington High School.  A copy of their agenda can be viewed here.

Those wishing to watch the meeting via video streaming can do so by clicking here.

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220 LogoBarrington school officials said Friday they still have concerns about the Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District’s plans to use a house near Prairie Middle School as a third fire station.

Barrington Area Unit School District 220 board President Brian Battle said talks between the two agencies have been productive regarding the future of the house, which is between Prairie and the district’s Early Learning Center. The fire district announced Thursday it had closed on the property.

“We’ll try to work with them in a collegial fashion and we hope we can find a way to resolve or mitigate our concerns,” Battle said. “But those concerns haven’t been fully addressed.”

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Editor’s note:  It’s clear when parents read about the planned fire station between two district schools yesterday, they weren’t happy and complained to school board members, thus this follow-up article.


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school tax levyBarrington School District 220 board members recently approved a 3.95 percent increase to its property tax levy from last year’s request.

But school officials maintained that like previous years, they may collect less than the requested amount.

District spokeswoman Morgan Delack said the newest property tax levy request was meant to capture tax dollars from new construction throughout the district’s boundaries and any increase to the Consumer Price Index, a yearly inflation measurement of what a typical consumer pays for goods and services.

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The Barrington District 220 Board of Education will be meeting December 6th at 7:00 PM at Barrington High School.  Action items on their agenda include:

  • Consideration to approve 2016 Certificate of Levy (3.65% increase)
  • Consideration to approve resolution declaring the intention to issue $4,300,00 Working Cash Fund Bonds to increase the District’s working cash fund

A copy of their agenda can be viewed here.  Those wishing to watch the meeting via video streaming can do so by clicking here.

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