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At the often intense Barrington School District 220 school board meeting July 13, 2021, district parents and other stakeholders showed their support for the district not mandating students wear masks in school. (H. Rick Bamman / Pioneer Press)

The Illinois Association of School Boards voted Nov. 18 to terminate its membership with the National School Boards Association after the national group sent a letter calling on the Biden administration to investigate parents protesting at local school board meetings as domestic terrorists.

The letter sent Sept. 29 asked President Joe Biden whether confrontations of school board members by parents outraged over COVID-19 mask mandates and school curriculum constituted domestic terrorism under the Patriot Act.

“The decision follows previous attempts by IASB to initiate changes to the governance structure, transparency, and financial oversight of the national association,” a news release from IASB stated. “IASB suspended payment of dues to NSBA for 2021-2022 but continued to work to try to bring about needed changes.”

Since sending the controversial letter nearly two months ago, 26 state school board associations have chosen to distance themselves from the national education organization. As of Nov. 20, 15 of those states have discontinued membership or stopped paying dues to the NSBA.

“The Board recognizes the need for a healthy national organization that can provide training, federal advocacy, shared resources, and networking opportunities,” IASB said. “IASB communicated to NSBA that ‘IASB no longer believes that NSBA can fill this important role.’ In September NSBA sent a letter to President Biden calling for federal assistance, without knowledge or support of its state association members.”

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220 Admin

At Tuesday night’s meeting, the 220 Board heard a presentation about the tentative 2021 tax levy, which determines how much taxpayer money the district will receive in 2022. Barrington 220 collects property taxes from Cook, Kane, Lake, and McHenry Counties, and property taxes account for approximately 84% of the district’s annual operating revenues.

Each year the district requests a tax levy increase, in order to match the expenditure increases for cost-of-living increases, service and material increases, and other expenditure increases. If approved, the district expects to receive a 1.5% tax increase compared to last year, however it is requesting a 2.5% increase in the event new construction is larger than expected. Based upon projections, excluding bond and interest, the total expected tax revenue for 2021 is $132,396,948.

The next step in the tax levy approval process is a public hearing set for the Dec. 7 Board meeting. The Board is anticipated to approve the tax levy on Dec. 21. You can listen to the full presentation by clicking here.

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220 Board 2021

The District 220 Board of Education meets this evening at 7:00 PM at the District Administration Center, 515 W. Main Street.  A copy of the agenda can be viewed here.

The meeting will be livestreamed on the district YouTube channel.

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CRG Residental

This rendering shows one of the six apartment buildings CRG Residential is proposing for the northwest corner of Higgins and Old Sutton roads as part of the Plum Farms development in Hoffman Estates. This building closest to the corner would be among those also including some ground-floor retail space.

Hoffman Estates officials expressed informal support Monday for a six-building apartment complex with some retail space to kick off construction of the long-delayed Plum Farms development at the northwest corner of Higgins Road and Route 59.

But they also urged developers to keep aware of the floodplain that overlaps the sprawling property during installation of underground utilities as well as surface construction.

CRG Residential of Carmel, Indiana, sought the courtesy review from the village board’s planning, building and zoning committee for 310 apartments spread among the six buildings specifically on the tax-increment finance district at the northwest corner of Higgins and Old Sutton roads.

Three of the buildings would be three stories, while the other three would be four stories. The ground floors of some of the buildings would also provide commercial space totaling about 14,000 square feet, including at the corner itself.

Representatives of CRG Residential suggested that commercial space might find such uses as an eatery or coffee shop as well as a medical or dental office.

The current owners of the 185 acres that make up the Plum Farms development also have plans for a self-storage facility along the railroad tracks at the western edge of the property.

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EventPhotoFull_Legislative Breakfast Flyer - Confirmed 2021

“Join us for the Barrington Area State Legislators Virtual Town Hall Forum on Wednesday Nov. 10 at 8:30 am. Confirmed Speakers: Senator Dan McConchie, 26th District State Representative Chris Bos, 51st. District State Representative Martin McLaughlin, 52nd District State Representative Tom Morrison, 54th District.

Other invited speakers include: Senator Cristina Castro, 22nd District Senator Ann Gillespie, 27th District, and State Representative Anna Moeller, 43rd District.

This is a FREE event open to the public. Click the registration button on this page to receive your zoom link.”


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CRG Residental

The Hoffman Estates Planning, Building and Zoning Committee meets this evening at 7:00 PM regarding a proposed mixed-use development at the northwest corner of Higgins and Old Sutton Roads.  A copy of the agenda can be viewed here.

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New 220 Teachers

The Illinois pension crisis is the worst in the nation. Illinois teachers unions routinely opine on pensions, but rarely tell their members the whole story.

For example, Illinois Education Association’s leading resource for teachers is an outdated pension explainer that was released in 2012. It dealt mainly with pension proposals drafted nearly a decade ago and before bipartisan legislation passed the General Assembly, which was subsequently struck down by the Illinois Supreme Court.

What’s missing from IEA’s information on pensions?

Any mention that the Teachers’ Retirement System could run out of money. Or any mention that it is the public pension crisis driving Illinois’ exorbitant property taxes, which are the second highest in the nation.

In other words, there may be no money left for younger teachers when they retire. And in the meantime, the broken system is making it more expensive for them to live here.

“Now we have huge shortages of teachers because salaries are low in Illinois for educators, and due to the pension crisis, the state can’t even promise they will have money to support teachers who are already retired. It’s decimating the education field,” retired special education teacher Deb Roti said.

Illinois teachers unions need to be honest with their members and support commonsense reforms that are best for all Illinoisians.

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Plum Farms

A proposal for six three-story apartment buildings with 310 unit sand some ground-floor retail space will be the subject of a courtesy review by the Hoffman Estates village board next Monday, Nov 8. The site is the northwest corner of Higgins and Old Sutton roads.

Six apartment buildings with 310 units and retail businesses on the ground floors of the three of them could be what kicks off construction of the long-delayed Plum Farms development in Hoffman Estates.

The village board is scheduled to grant a courtesy review of the proposal by Carmel, Indiana-based CRG Residential next Monday night.

The planned three-story buildings would be constructed in two distinct styles on the northwest corner of Higgins and Old Sutton roads, said Hoffman Estates’ Director of Development Services Peter Gugliotta. One of those styles would feature 20,000 square feet of retail space on the first floor, he added.

The project would be within the 40 acres of a tax increment financing district approved in January 2020 to reimburse the cost of bringing utilities to the northwest and northeast corners of Higgins and Old Sutton. Including right of way, the TIF district totals 64 acres.

Excluding that right of way, the Plum Farms property totals 185 acres stretching from the northwest corner of Higgins Road and Route 59.

The Plum Farms annexation agreement with Hoffman Estates allows for a total of 1,250 dwelling units of various types. Gugliotta said there could be more multifamily units than the 310 CRG Residential is seeking, but single-family homes also are expected to make up a significant part of the Plum Farms development.

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220 Admin

The District 220 Board of Education meets this evening at 7:00 PM at the District Administration Center, 515 W. Main Street.  A copy of the agenda can be viewed here.

The meeting will be livestreamed on the district YouTube channel.

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Enrollment Down

At Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting, the Board heard an update on student enrollment numbers in Barrington 220. Thirty days into the 2021-22 school year, the district’s total enrollment was 8,165 students, which is a decrease from last school year.

This downward trend is happening across the country and the state of Illinois. The 30-day enrollment figures are a snapshot in time. Enrollment will fluctuate during the school year as it has in the past and the district will continue to monitor it accordingly. You can view the entire enrollment presentation beginning here.

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