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With the recreational use of marijuana set to be legal statewide as of Jan. 1, several Barrington-area villages have made decisions on whether or not to allow a dispensary within their borders – while others are still conflicted.

Barrington Hills trustees voted against having dispensaries in the village, director of administration Anna Paul said.

“We currently don’t have really any businesses in the community … our residential character is important to the community,” Paul said.

Paul also stated that the village could reconsider their decision down the line, but they want to see how other communities manage the legalization of marijuana before they consider changing their position.

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A bevy of late filers Monday added to the potential intrigue of the upcoming 2020 state legislative primary in March and general election in November.

None of the races are set in stone because candidate petitions can be challenged until Monday, Dec. 9. So far, the Illinois State Board of Elections is reporting no objections to any candidates who have filed for office in the General Assembly, according to its website.

Barrington Hills Village President Martin McLaughlin announced his bid for the 52nd District House seat, which has been held by Republican David McSweeney for several years. McSweeney announced his decision not to seek reelection earlier this year. No Democrat has filed, but parties can slate candidates after the primary for the general election by June 1, according to the state board.

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The state of Illinois’ pension crisis is out of control.

Democratic politicians suggest that we hand over the reigns of local control to unelected bureaucrats.

However, the working people of Illinois know that less personal freedom over our money and pension plans is not the answer.

Barrington Hills Village President Martin J. McLaughlin supports the logic of the people of Illinois.

McLaughlin is running to represent Illinois’ 52nd House District in Springfield. Not only has he been a success in the private sector, but he wants to implement his understanding to bring prosperity back to Illinois.

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The 220 Board of Education approved which resolutions it plans to support from the Illinois Association of School Board’s (IASB) 2019 resolution proposals. The Board will NOT support a resolution which provides local school boards the option of developing Student Safety and Protection Plans which allow voluntary district employees, in any capacity, the ability to carry a concealed firearm on district property.

Every November school boards from across the state send a delegate to the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) conference in Chicago. At this conference, the delegates vote on proposed resolutions IASB will pursue in the upcoming legislative sessions.

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A historic plan to consolidate suburban and downstate fire and police pension plans passed the Senate Thursday with bipartisan support from local lawmakers.

Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker led the effort and has promised it will save millions in a state where local municipalities are bogged down with pension obligations.

The policy would merge about 650 pension plans, not including Chicago’s, into two statewide systems — one for fire retirees and one for police.

Pritzker still must sign the legislation.

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Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense In America members and a former CNN correspondent called on Barrington Area Unit District 220 to oppose the idea of letting local school boards decide whether to permit armed teachers or other staff members.

District 220 board members Tuesday night set aside special public comment time on two security-related resolutions that’ll be up for discussion and a vote by the Illinois Association of School Boards during its annual convention Nov. 23 in Chicago.

School boards from across the state belong to the association. District 220 and other boards will decide in advance how the convention delegates should vote on the resolutions.

Under the controversial resolution from Mercer County School District 404 in downstate Aledo, the association would encourage state legislation allowing individual school boards to decide whether to permit armed staff members in their districts.

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Editorial note: We tuned in to the 220 meeting via YouTube video streaming last night. As you will notice in the lower left hand corner of the graphic above, once again, we were the only ones who were viewing it.

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Barrington Area Unit District 220 will receive public feedback Tuesday night on proposals before the Illinois Association of School Boards, including one that would support legislation allowing districts to arm teachers and staff members.

The District 220 school board meeting will begin at 7 PM at the administration headquarters, 515 W. Main St. in Barrington, but the public comment on the proposals before the state association isn’t scheduled until 8 PM.

District 220 officials are to vote Nov. 19 on which proposals before the school board association to back at its annual convention late this month. The school board is asking that comments be limited to 90 seconds. Even if supported by the association, the state legislature and Gov. J.B. Pritzker would have to back any measures for them to become law.

Daily Herald report

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