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Spec BOT

Our Village Board of Trustees will be holding a special meeting beginning this evening at 6:30 PM. The purpose is to certify the results of the April 4 election and to vote on Board responsibility assignments as follow:

  • John Carpenter Clarke: None
  • Laura Ekstrom: Environment, Roads & Bridges and Equestrian Commission
  • Darby Hills: Building & Zoning and Plan Commission
  • Jessica Hoffman: Health
  • David Riff: Municipal Buildings & Grounds and Public Safety
  • Thomas Straus: Finance, Insurance and Village Personnel

Also, President Cecola is nominating David Riff to be President Pro Tem.  A copy of tonight’s agenda can be viewed here.

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A bison grazes in 2013 in a forest in eastern Poland. Kane County Forest Preserve Commissioners approved a plan this week to bring bison to the Burlington Prairie Forest Preserve. (Associated Press)

It’s been 200 hundred years since bison roamed the prairies of Kane County, but a new plan to reintroduce them into a local forest preserve may turn back the clock.

Kane County Forest Preserve commissioners approved a plan this week to bring a handful of bison to the Burlington Prairie Forest Preserve. The plan centers on one of the main ecological goals of restoring tallgrass prairie to the county’s preserves. Before the surrounding area developed, fire and the grazing habits of wild animals, such as bison, provided natural management of the grasslands. Preserve officials reintroduced controlled burns to the preserves many years ago.

Executive director Ben Haberthur told commissioners now is the time to reintroduce bison to restore the grazing aspect of grassland management. Up to 90% of the diet for bison is grasses.

“The grasses evolved with grazing,” Haberthur said. “So it actually promotes the soil microbiome to grow more. Bison are native to Illinois, and they are definitely native to this county. They will bring a big component back to the ecosystem, namely fertilizer.”

District officials experimented with the benefits of animal grazing in the preserves with cattle in the Aurora West Forest Preserve. That experiment resulted in the flourishing of the restored grasslands in the preserve. Officials see bison as the next step in returning the grasslands to their most natural state and care.

The Burlington Prairie Forest Preserve is in the Pleasant Valley Conservation Alley north of Huntley and in the northwest portion of the county. The plan calls for two paddocks of 30 acres each with an additional 89 acres seeded for pasture. For the safety of the animals and the public, the areas containing the bison would be fenced, which accounts for the bulk of the initial cost of the project.

Read more here.

Editorial note: As we’ve suggested before, there is ample acreage at Horizon Farm for the Forest Preserves of Cook County to consider such an endeavor.

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BC Jeans

Barrington Hills President Brian Cecola (far left in wrinkled blue jeans) blamed residents for, “about 90% of car thefts in the Village,” due to their own negligence Wednesday.

Barrington-area leaders are emphasizing public safety, including through the adoption of technology to combat crime.

A recent spike in crime was among the topics discussed Wednesday when officials from nine communities gathered for the Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual economic summit, the “State of the Greater Barrington Area.”

In the wake of last month’s thefts of several vehicles at Motor Werks of Barrington, and ensuing crashes that injured five, Barrington Village Manager Scott Anderson said police are having ongoing conversations with dealerships on crime prevention.

The village also plans to install license plate reading cameras at 12 locations in town, and the police department is part of an auto theft task force.

South Barrington was among the first communities in the Chicago region to install license plate reading cameras, Village President Paula McCombie said.

“We have 52 license reader cameras that we have had there for several years now. And that has really helped us to chase these guys out of town,” she said.

Barrington Hills Village President Brian Cecola noted that about 90% of the car thefts in the village are because residents are leaving their key fobs in the cars. He encouraged residents to call 911 if they see anything suspicious.

“I know a lot of residents are hesitant, but they (officers) don’t mind the calls,” Cecola said.

Read more here.

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VBH Village HallOur Village Board of Trustees will be conducting their regular monthly meeting beginning this evening at 6:30 PM. A copy of the agenda can be viewed and downloaded here.

This month’s agenda now has two options for residents to attempt to listen in to tonight’s meeting:

Audio OptionsWould those with the time and inclination try listening to both options and report back which one sucks less in terms of sound clarity?  It would be ever so much appreciated!

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District 220: “Families are highly encouraged to have their students ride the school bus or carpool”

“As many of you are aware, Hart Road is currently closed from US Route 14 (Northwest Highway) to Main Street (Lake Cook Road) until November.

In order to ease traffic in the area and make sure students arrive safely to school this fall, the district is working with the Village of Barrington, Barrington Police Department, and Barrington Transportation Company, in order to provide the option of shuttle buses and permitted parking spots for Barrington High School students at various locations throughout the village. BHS will send out more details to families next week.”

Earlier this week, the Daily Herald published:

Gridlock alert

Barrington Hills drivers should expect delays on County Line Road between Haegers Bend Road/Elgin Road and Hart Road as crews resurface pavement and construct new sidewalk ramps. Work wraps up in early December.”

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Barrington Hills First Lady and Village of Lakemoor Building Permit Coordinator, Stephanie Cecola, was seen running at the start of the 2nd annual, “The Land We Love Run,” earlier this month.

The Summer 2022 edition of the Village Newsletter was recently released. Topics covered include:

  • President’s letter
  • 2nd Annual “The Land We Love Run” recap*
  • Horizon Farm public meeting
  • Tornado preparation tips
  • Donlea Road drainage update
  • Crime prevention, and
  • Pointers on whether permits are required for landscaping or earth moving

A copy can be viewed and downloaded here.

* Event participant results (no First Lady listed??), by category, can be found here.

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Dennis Walega

According to TV blogger Reality Steve, Dennis Walega is a 26-year-old police officer for the Village of Barrington Hills, in Chicago, Ill. If his Instagram bio — which reads “Chicago-ish | Mówimy po polsku” — is to be believed, he is fluent in Polish. (Per Google Translate, the phrase literally translates to “We speak Polish.”)

Read more here.

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