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The June meeting agenda of the Zoning Board of Appeals contains a variety of topics, including:

  • Text Amendment – MKES Investments, LLC – “Professional Office Uses.”
  • Al-Azhar Islamic Foundation – 160 Hawthorne Road: Expansion of Parking Lot
  • The Sanfilippo Foundation: Creating a “Charitable Giving Overlay District”
  • Map Amendment – The Sanfilippo Foundation – 789 Plum Tree Road: Rezoning to a “Charitable Giving Overlay District”

A copy of this evening’s agenda, including instructions on participating remotely, can be viewed and downloaded here.

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Public hearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals Village of Barrington Hills Text Amendment/ Map Amendment Notice is hereby given that a Public Hearing will be held on Monday, June 15, 2020 at 6:30 PM by the Zoning Board of Appeals of the Village of Barrington Hills at the Village Hall, 112 Algonquin Road, Barrington Hills, concerning an application filed by Jeffrey T. Sanfilippo and The Sanfilippo Foundation, an Illinois not-for-profit corporation for (1) a text amendment to Title 5 – Zoning Regulations of the Municipal Code to add new zoning regulations to create a Charitable Giving Overlay District, and (2) in the event the new regulations are adopted, to provide for a map amendment to change the zoning classification of specific property to the Charitable Giving Overlay District.

The property under consideration for rezoning is commonly identified as 789 Plum Tree Road, Barrington Hills, IL, and by Parcel Nos. 20-29-126-014; 20-29-126-015; 20-29-126-016; 20-29-126-017; 20-29-126-018; 20-29-127-002; 20-29-127-003; 20-29-176-002; and 20-29-176-005. A copy of the Zoning Ordinance, the proposed amendment thereto, and the application for rezoning are available for examination by appointment at the office of the Village Clerk at the Village Hall, 112 Algonquin Road, weekdays between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Also a copy of this notice and zoning application will be available at the Village website vbhil.gov/meeting-packets/ included in the packet for this Zoning Board Meeting.

In response to Coronavirus, and the requirement to limit physical attendance at Village Hall, parties interested in this application may attend in person, but are invited to attend the Public Hearing by telephone or conference call. To participate remotely, a link and phone number will be provided on the agenda.

All those interested will be given an opportunity to be heard, but only during the public comments and public hearing section of the meeting. Written comments and questions on the application will be made part of the record of this proceeding, and any question posed will be asked of the application. Please limit written testimony to 200 words, as such comments will be read by staff aloud during the meeting, if requested.

All written comments/questions will be accepted in person or by email in the office of the Village Clerk through 3:00 PM Monday, June 15, 2020. Verbal live commenting via the online web conferencing system is also available, but for technical reasons written comments are strongly preferred. The agenda and materials for this meeting will be posted no later than the end of the day on Friday, June 12, 2020 at www.vbhil.gov.

Persons seeking additional information concerning the application, accessing the virtual meetings, or requesting alternative means to provide testimony or public comment are directed to email the Village Clerk at clerk@vbhil.gov.

A copy of the agenda packet for the June 15th Zoning Board meeting as it appears as of this publishing can be viewed and downloaded here.

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VBH__Logo The Zoning Board of Appeals meets Monday August 21st  at 6:30 PM at Village Hall.  The agenda and e-Packet materials can be viewed here.


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The documents to be discussed during Monday evening’s Zoning Board of Appeals meeting have been posted by the Village.  A PDF copy can be viewed and downloaded here.

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The Observer takes a look back at another year gone by, as we present the most frequently read news stories and editorials for 2016. Click on any title to read and revisit stories from this past year.

August 30th Zoning Board public hearing recordings published

Our most read and most commented upon story of 2016, this article summarized the August 30th Zoning Board meeting which concluded the public hearings on the latest text amendment proposal for commercial horse boarding codes.

WARNING: Beware of phantom developers!

This story discussed a fear-mongering letter that was mailed to residents throughout the  village, containing unsubstantiated claims of Barrington Hills once again being imperiled by greedy developers.

Why Anderson II must go

In October, the Observer reviewed the myriad of flaws in the Anderson II commercial boarding ordinance and explained the importance of reinstating boarding under the Home Occupation Ordinance.

There they go again

Despite the misinformation repeated at many recent meetings, archived Village Board minutes from 1960 show that village leaders then did not approve of commercial equestrian activities on residential properties, having shut down a riding school for being in violation of village code.  This feature also drew the second most comments of any story for 2016.

June Village Board Meeting Recordings Released

Our review of the Board of Trustees June meeting covered several topics, but focused primarily on the ongoing delays with the reconstruction of the Cuba Road Bridge (now known as Veteran’s Crossing Bridge).  The article highlighted the lack of proper oversight of the project by Gewalt Hamilton, as well as some confusing explanations of the situation by Village Administrator Bob Kosin.

Here we go again

As the Zoning Board of Appeals was about to begin a review of the commercial horse boarding code, the Observer dispelled a long list of oft-repeated fallacies, fictions and lies concerning equestrian activities and horse boarding in this column from July.

Candidates file for April 2017 Village Elections

The title speaks for itself in this most recent top story, highlighting the high level of resident interest in our village government.

Park District to begin charging user fees for Riding Center

The July announcement by the Park District of its intention to set up a fee structure for resident and n0n-resident users of the Riding Center drew a large audience.

Documents added to ZBA horse boarding code hearing package

In the days leading up to the August 30th ZBA meeting, readers were eager to review the 291 pages of documentation that had been submitted to the Zoning Board in the form of court documents, resident and Village official emails, affidavits, Village engineering and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency reports and form letters.


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The Zoning Board of Appeals will be holding a special meeting this evening at 6:30 PM at Countryside Elementary School to hold a public hearing on a text amendment proposal to the Village zoning codes related to commercial horse boarding.

A copy of the proposed text amendment can be viewed here, and a copy of the agenda for the meeting can be viewed here.

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The Zoning Board of Appeals will hold their regular monthly meeting Monday evening, October 17th, at Countryside Elementary School beginning at 6:30 PM.  A copy of the agenda can be viewed here.

The ePacket agenda containing documents to be discussed by the board can be viewed and downloaded here.

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detective-with-magnifying-glass-1The Village has added one hundred and fifty-three pages of testimony documents to the public information package being considered by the Zoning Board of Appeals since their hearing last Monday regarding a proposed amendment to horse boarding codes in Barrington Hills.

These documents are in the forms of court documents, resident and Village official emails, affidavits, Village engineering and Illinois Environmental Protection Agency reports and some form letters from residents who either don’t have the time or the independent thinking to express their opinions.  A copy of the entire two hundred and ninety-one page document package including newly released information can be viewed and downloaded here.

Among the new information included for public examination is information leading up to and following the issuance of the all too often mentioned “Schuman Letter.”  The documentation is included in pages 239-258 of the new package, and for ease of access for readers, we’ve extracted the pages and placed them into a file that can be read here.

A significant amount of documentation regarding detrimental rainwater and pond runoff from a boarding facility on Ridge Road resulting in flooding and apparent pollution of a neighboring property has been submitted to the board, and that documentation can be viewed here.

And, a recently written addition to the documents to be considered by the board and the public has been submitted by a resident who has provided some perspectives on the history of horse boarding debates in Barrington Hills and the most recently enacted codes can be viewed here.

The next Zoning Board hearing on this matter is scheduled for August 30th at 6:30 PM at Countryside Elementary School.  We’ll keep readers updated as more, if any, documents are added to these to be considered by the board.

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microphoneThe Zoning Board of Appeals will holding a meeting tonight at Countryside Elementary School to continue their public hearing from August 1st regarding a proposed amendment to commercial horse boarding codes.  The meeting begins at 7:30 PM, and a copy of the full agenda, including updated written comments for consideration by the board, can be viewed and downloaded here.

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Phantom Developer

The Zoning Board of Appeals will be holding a continuation of their July meeting this evening at 7:30 PM at Countryside Elementary School.  Tonight’s meeting will include a public hearing followed by a board discussion of a proposed amendment to the current commercial horse boarding codes. A copy of the agenda, including reference documents, can be viewed here.

Many residents have reported they received a form letter over the weekend urging them to attend the meeting.  The letter (seen here) came from a resident who wrote, “Some months ago a clique of [unnamed] area residents associated with [undocumented] high density commercial housing development initiated a subtle, but strategic campaign to defeat and dismantle the statutory defenses that preserve the character of the Village of Barrington Hills.”

As we illustrated in our recent editorial,Here we go again,” playing the unsubstantiated “developer” card has become extremely wearisome to most residents after so many years. 

If “high density commercial housing development,” is the motivation behind the currently proposed amendment, then where was this letter writer’s outcry when recommendations from both the Equestrian Commission (seen here) and an equestrian-laden Zoning Board of Appeals (seen here) advocated very similar guidelines for commercial horse boarding under a previous administration back in 2011?  

In fact, there was little, if any, uproar from the equestrian community at that time, so why is the sky suddenly falling now? 

Frankly, we think residents are too savvy to fall for the incessant cries of “wolf” such as this latest one in every election cycle and every time prudent commercial horse boarding codes are being considered.

However, since he raised the topic of commercial residential development, we’d like to pass along something we recently ran across that should be of interest to residents.

It seems Barrington Hills Farm (whose chairman happens to be the aforementioned letter writer) has engaged a website developer to promote, “600 acres of pristine, undeveloped land located at Haegers Bend and Spring Creek Roads at the northwestern most corner of Barrington Hills,” as depicted below (please click on the image to enlarge for better viewing):

BHF Splash Cropped

We found it interesting that this prototype website (click here to view it) is grouped with other sites under development promoting businesses and commercial developments in Chicago in a staging web address as seen here, so perhaps the chair of Barrington Hills Farm would like to share their development plans sometime sooner than later with residents.

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