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The state of Illinois’ pension crisis is out of control.

Democratic politicians suggest that we hand over the reigns of local control to unelected bureaucrats.

However, the working people of Illinois know that less personal freedom over our money and pension plans is not the answer.

Barrington Hills Village President Martin J. McLaughlin supports the logic of the people of Illinois.

McLaughlin is running to represent Illinois’ 52nd House District in Springfield. Not only has he been a success in the private sector, but he wants to implement his understanding to bring prosperity back to Illinois.

Read the full letter to the editors of the Northwest Herald here.

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Barrington Hills Neighbors and Library Supporters –

I have been a Library Trustee for the Barrington Public Library District was nearly 20 years. During that timeframe, I have been proud of the quality library services that we have delivered to the Barrington community in our 72-square mile library district.

Last April, I had to make a difficult decision regarding a request from the Village of Barrington to purchase a substantial portion of our library property to re-direct Lake Zurich Road through the library parking lot to our traffic light. While I have the utmost respect for our Village and understand the dilemma the train traffic on Northwest Highway has created, I could not in good conscience make a decision at that time to irreversibly sell the property and sacrifice the future financial integrity of the library.

A full explanation of my decision can be reviewed in the attached PowerPoint presentation (seen here) I made at the Board meeting in April, where three of my fellow Library Trustees agreed to cease negotiations to sell the land. Now, two challengers are running for three of the open Library Trustee seats, seeking to unseat the three incumbents – including me – with an effort to swing the vote to sell the library property.

I am asking you to vote on April 2nd for Carrie Carr, Barbara Pintozzi and me – the three incumbents, all of whom voted to not sell the library property – to Protect Our Library. The attached flyer gives more background on our candidacy. Note that Daily Herald – after a group interview of all five candidates – endorsed all three incumbents for re-election. You can read the Daily Herald’s endorsement here.

You can read more about our campaign at our website seen here.

Thank you for your consideration of our re-election, and please feel free to contact me with any thoughts you have on the library or the decision on last year’s property issue.

Carolyn Welch Clifford



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This is in response to the letter to the editor you published recently from retired public school teacher and former Barrington Hills village trustee Karen Selman.

I would like to correct the record. Ms. Selman’s inclusion of me and my family members in a letter to the editor is inappropriate, wrong and uninformed.

First, I have five incredible daughters, not two. The first four have attended TCU, Villanova, USC and yes, Northwestern due to their determination and hard work. My wife deserves all the credit, for her dedication working with our children on rigorous nightly homework routines over many years.

Interestingly, each of my children and many others in our great schools were able to succeed during a period without this proposed referendum.

I have not publicly stated a position in opposition or in favor of the District 220 referendum.

I was, however, part of the District 220 Referendum Advisory Committee, which — after more than 500 hours of volunteer community input — gave direction to the school board for the lowest amount presented, $158 million, which was quickly amended to $185 million by the school board.

I have publicly endorsed Deb Buettner, Brian Cecola and Brian Croll for Barrington Hills Village Trustee in the upcoming election. Your publication also has endorsed these three qualified volunteers. Thank you in advance for accepting my corrections.

Martin J. McLaughlin

Barrington Hills village president

The link to McLaughlin’s letter to the Daily Herald editor can be found here. The link to the former Trustee who McLaughlin refers to can be found here.


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Kosin_vestTo the Editor:

Thank you to the Northwest Herald for bringing forward a local government story that, at first read, is only about paving a road, and that occurs too often in Illinois to be news.

This paving project is different and worth the notice. It was about intergovernmental cooperation, a theme regularly championed from the statehouse to village halls.

To read the full letter to the editor of the Northwest Herald from our Village Administrator, click here.

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DogLetter to the editor: Chet and Eve Perry spent a sleepless night trying to find their lost dog, but discovered in their darkest hour they were never alone.

Read this letter of appreciation for local police assistance to the editor of the Daily Herald here.

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We are writing in opposition to the construction of Longmeadow Parkway, formerly the Bolz Road Bridge, by Kane County. This project will drain our wallets, damage our environment and replace the tranquillity of our neighborhoods with the roar of diesel trucks, while serving no purpose and providing no benefit.

Proponents of the bridge say that it will reduce current congestion on the existing Fox River bridges. However, the very detailed traffic studies done by KDOT clearly show that a bridge south of Algonquin will do nothing to reduce current congestion. The environmental consequences of the road and bridge will be severe. It will destroy large swathes of open space, imperil wildlife habitat and transform a section of pristine riverfront. It will bring noise, air pollution and damaging salt spray to our neighborhoods.

Read more of this letter to the Daily Herald editor here.

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The Village Heritage and Environs Committee is holding their rescheduled spring roadside trash pickup tomorrow, Saturday, May 2nd.  Those wishing to volunteer should arrive at Village Hall at 8:30 AM for registration, followed by deployment to pick-up locations.  Trash collection is from 9:00 AM to noon.  Appropriate dress and work gloves are advised.

For more information, visit the Village news webpage by clicking here.  Also, read resident Mike Hannigan’s recent letter to the editor regarding our littered roadway conditions and this spring cleanup event here.

Citizens for Conservation is holding their 19th annual native plant, shrub and tree sale tomorrow and Sunday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  This year the sale will take place on the grounds of Good Shepherd Hospital located at 450 W. Highway 22 in Lake Barrington.

For more information on the CFC plant sale, click here.

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