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Marty McLaughlin is the clear choice when casting your vote for state representative for the 52nd district. As village president in Barrington Hills, Marty has worked tirelessly to streamline government, resolve pension issues, lower taxes and recognize opposing views. His financial background and pension expertise will help bring reform and responsibility to Illinois’s disastrous overspending and overtaxing. Our state is in crisis and needs a known leader not a Madigan-funded rookie.

Vote for Marty McLaughlin. He will represent our interests in Springfield, not Madigan’s or other special interest groups’ agendas.

Don Spry, Barrington Hills


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To the Editor:

For the second time in three weeks, Democratic signs have been vandalized at the crossroads of Plum Tree, Old Hunt and Algonquin roads in Fox River Grove.

Do we not have free speech in this community?

Bullying and vandalism to express political preference are perfect examples of what is wrong with the current state of affairs in our formerly civilized democracy.

Eileen Milano

Barrington Hills


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To the Editor:

Judge Mark Gerhardt is running for Circuit Judge in the 22nd Judicial Circuit-4th Subcircuit. I have known Mark as a practicing trial attorney and as a colleague on the bench. In both capacities, Mark has always been prepared, professional and knowledgeable of the law.

He expects no more or no less of those attorneys appearing before him.

A judicial race is not about partisan politics. it is not about gender. There are a number of major considerations in deciding which candidate is best suited for the position of Circuit Judge.

Does the candidate have integrity? Is the candidate impartial? Will the candidate apply the law fairly, without discrimination? Does the candidate have the requisite experience and knowledge to hear and rule on all types of cases, criminal and civil?

Does the candidate have the ability and foresight to improve the Court in its administration of justice and in servicing all the people of McHenry County?

When it comes to Judge Mark Gerhardt, the answer to all of the foregoing questions is unequivocally yes. Mark Gerhardt has all the qualities we deserve to have in our judges in McHenry County.

Maureen McIntyre

Barrington Hills


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Evidently, Writer Debra J. Saunders isn’t doing the in-depth research as necessary for her very partisan articles. The agreement signed between Israel, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain is not ending “the bloody, bloody sands” as Trump claimed. Those two countries have never been in struggles with Israel and there hasn’t been “bloody, bloody sands” in any dessert area of the Middle East in the past century as the great exaggerator with limited knowledge of history likes to portray.

Jared Kushner used the leverage of selling military weapons to those countries in exchange for their signatures. This was an arms deal that was totally unnecessary since they aren’t technically enemies of Israel. This is in fact a total public relations setup to impress Trump’s evangelical core and anyone else easily influenced, who doesn’t fact check. And, yes. Trump is hoping that like Obama, he too can get a Nobel Peace Prize so he has one more thing to crow about. As if, he – Donald Trump – had anything to do with the latest perpetration of smoke and mirrors.

Our arms deal with Bahrain and UAE also gives the Saudi-led insurgents more weapons to use against the Yemen genocide. Readers might recall the executive order Trump signed, going around our own non-partisan congressional ban on arms to be sold to the Saudi government. Trump himself sold military jets and weapons to the Crown Prince just after the horrendous murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Our intelligence services have evidence that the prince ordered that murder, yet Trump said he believed the Saudi’s denial and sold him the weapons.

The Middle East is a tangled web and no American should think that Trump or any other individual is capable of bringing true peace to that region. Only those countries can solve that.

Denise Israel

Barrington Hills

Source: Daily Herald

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A lot of people are worried about the future of our country, but sadly one group we expect to be working on that — i.e., the U.S. Congress — is not doing the job.

Just listen to the hearings on CSPANTV and you’ll see members of both parties working harder to score political points than they are on strengthening our nation. We expect some of this, but the problem has become that it’s almost the only thing that they do.

We need to change their incentives and get Congress back to passing laws that protect and strengthen our country and discourage their self-serving political antics.

Willard Bishop

Barrington Hills

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Board Members of the Cook County Forest Preserves Conservation & Policy Council
Front row: Terry Guen, Laurel Ross, Peter Ellis. Back row: Commissioner Larry Suffredin, Wendy Paulson, Michael DeSantiago, Sylvia Jenkins, Mark Templeton, Emily Harris, Arnold Randal, Commissioner Stanely Moore. Not pictured: Rob Castaneda.

Nature has never been more important than it is right now. People are looking to it to reduce stress, stay healthy and find solace. Many in the Chicago region are flocking to our greatest natural asset, the Forest Preserves of Cook County. We applaud President Preckwinkle, General Superintendent Arnold Randall and his team for their commitment to keep the preserves open just when they are needed most and when many other public spaces are closed. At the same time, we are troubled by reports of illegal and unacceptable behavior by a very few — crowding, going off trail, picking wildflowers, trampling sensitive vegetation, letting dogs run rampant.

We are so glad people are discovering — or rediscovering — these extraordinary landscapes and the more than 350 miles of trails they include. The ability to be active and outside with family members is a blessing. But the privilege of free access to the Forest Preserves carries a responsibility, too, especially in this time of extreme and necessary social guidelines.

That means respecting the space of other visitors, obeying preserve rules and honoring the habitats of animals and plants for whom the preserves are home. It’s an opportune time to visit a less well known preserve — maybe a place you’ve never been before — or to visit at a less crowded time. Check FPDCC.com before you go.

We invite you not only to visit, but to join us in protecting and restoring the natural habitats of the preserves. (See, for example: https://fpdcc.com/volunteer/ or https://northbranchrestoration.org). Once we emerge from this challenging time and restrictions are lifted, consider joining thousands of volunteers who give their time, energy and expertise to help make nature in our preserves even more healthy, diverse and welcoming.

Board Members of the Cook County Forest Preserves Conservation & Policy Council

Wendy Paulson, Chairman

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In regards to the closing paragraph of letter writer Gerald Aleksy on May 18: “The governor keeps saying these draconian rules are determined by the scientists and the data. If this is true, then why doesn’t he have the scientists step up to the podium and answer how science came up with these ridiculous rules.”

Donald Trump has had the leading National Institutes of Health scientist speak almost daily, at length, to the American people since the president decided Americans were at risk. This renowned man is Dr. Anthony Fauci. He explained many times how these rules have been arrived at and also how and why the rules continue to fluctuate. Our newspapers and national + local TV news have as well, for nearly four months now.

This is another reason why it is so important to not rely on only one news source for information and definitely not “partisan” news media. WGN, ABC, NBC, CBS are all nonpartisan television stations that will give you unbiased news as well as up-to-date health and pandemic information. Scientists and doctors are on these channels every news cycle. These same stations have national news coverage at 5:30 p.m. that also relays nonpartisan coronavirus coverage. Our own Daily Herald has done a fine job laying out the whys and wherefores so that the average American reader can understand just how threatening and dangerous COVID-19 is. We elect our leaders to Lead. That is exactly what J.B. is doing. Some people may not agree with following science and data in order to survive this, but the majority do and will follow the rules.

Read the complete letter to the Daily Herald from a Barrington Hills resident here.


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I am responding and trying to keep my cool while doing so, about Pritzker’s personal war with President Trump.

I would like to tell Pritzker to shut up and let President Trump do his job, because I don’t think Pritzker is doing his. However, Pritzker is doing a great job complaining and following the lead of other states.

Marcia Chester, Barrington

A number of interesting comments in response to Ms Chester’s letter to the editors of the Daily Herald can be viewed here.

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A rendering of how the Longmeadow Parkway Bridge over the Fox River will look when completed. (Kane County / HANDOUT)

The Kane County Board has added insult to injury by voting to charge drivers 95 cents to cross the Longmeadow Parkway Corridor Bridge, a contentious project from the beginning.

Although the artist’s rendering of the bridge shows a lovely structure over the Fox River, it is truly an intrusion to the Brunner Forest Preserve and to residents of several nearby subdivisions.

Approximately 8,000 Dundee Township residents — including me — voted against the bridge in a nonbinding referendum. I opposed it because it’s too close to homes.

County Board member Chris Kious said the toll represents an unfair cost to his constituents. He pointed out that the Stearns Road and Fabyan Parkway bridges constructed in recent years do not have tolls.

Read the full letter to the editors of the Elgin Courier-News here.

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The state of Illinois’ pension crisis is out of control.

Democratic politicians suggest that we hand over the reigns of local control to unelected bureaucrats.

However, the working people of Illinois know that less personal freedom over our money and pension plans is not the answer.

Barrington Hills Village President Martin J. McLaughlin supports the logic of the people of Illinois.

McLaughlin is running to represent Illinois’ 52nd House District in Springfield. Not only has he been a success in the private sector, but he wants to implement his understanding to bring prosperity back to Illinois.

Read the full letter to the editors of the Northwest Herald here.

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