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The Village Board will hold their regular monthly meeting Thursday, December 17th.  The agenda for the meeting can be viewed here.

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The Village has recently posted recordings from the November 19th meeting of the Board of Trustees. 

The entire public meeting lasted just under three and a half hours.  Those who attended the meeting or listen to the entire recordings will likely recognize the reason for the unnecessarily drawn-out discussions.

Six residents made public comments at the beginning of the meeting, with five of them speaking their minds on the topic of the Police Pension Obligation Bond that was on the agenda.  Unfortunately, they, and others in attendance, were in for an initial disappointment.

When the bond topic did come up on the agenda during Trustee Bryan Croll’s finance report, he refused to make a motion to consider it, stating he had no new information as can be heard here.  That seemed rather arrogant on Croll’s part considering other members of the board, including two who are full-time financial fund managers, have also been researching the topic and might have had information to add to the discussion. 

The Village Attorney was then asked if any member of the Board of Trustees could move for discussion of a topic, and not solely the Trustee assigned to the Finance Committee.  Attorney Mary Dickson began reviewing our codes, however it appears from the recordings, residents attending the meeting had already departed by the time a decision was made later during the evening. 

When it was confirmed that any board member could make the motion, Croll then decided he would make it after all, as can be heard here.

Forty-five minutes of discussion by the Trustees then followed, with Croll stating a number of times he had not been prepared to discuss the matter that evening, despite the fact that the issue has been before both the Finance Committee and the Board of Trustees for months.  Ultimately, yet another motion to table consideration of the issue was approved.

Unfortunately, the matter may be moot at this point since interest rates have inched up since the concept was first floated before the board nearly two years ago. 

Considering that the Federal Reserve Chairman is likely to announce an interest rate hike soon, this proposition is not nearly as financially beneficial as it once was, and it is a shame some board members dragged this out, due to what seems like political reasons  and foregoing the financial interests of the taxpayers who voted for them.

Later in the meeting, there were more productive discussions, and in most cases, votes were taken to decide various issues.

For example, by a unanimous vote, the Village Code which had required residents to purchase and display vehicle stickers was abolished.  That  discussion and vote can be heard here.  Also repealed was the very old code language requiring each homeowner to have landline telephone services. 

Though many readers may be scratching their heads over this one, landline service was actually required by the Village by code up until this vote.  In fact, in order to obtain an occupancy permit for a newly constructed home, proof of a landline telephone account was required.  That discussion and vote can be heard here.

Trustees also approved a new agreement with our unionized police force, which brings added benefits to the Village, as well as to sworn officers.  Chief Semelsberger seemed pleased with the new agreement, as can be heard here

Semelsberger also reported his satisfaction with the consolidation of 911 services to QuadCom which occurred over a month ago.  He can be heard expressing his experiences thus far by clicking here.

It was reported during the administration portion of the meeting that the Village of Barrington has expressed an interest in annexing the property recently purchased by District 220 off Hart Road which is currently located in Barrington Hills (Lot 5 as depicted in a map seen here).  We have some reservations on this matter, as do some of our Trustees it would seem, and the link to that discussion can be accessed here.

To access the menu of the complete recordings from the meeting, click here.

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The Village Board will hold their regular monthly meeting tomorrow evening at 6:30 PM.   Some of the topics for discussion on the agenda include:

  • [Vote] Authorizing the Acceptance of a Financial Advisory Agreement with William Blair & Company, L.L.C. Res. 15- [Police Pension Obligation Bond]
  • [Vote] Approving a Collective Bargaining Agreement between VBH and the Metropolitan Alliance of Police, Chapter #576, 2015 to 2017 Res 15 –
  • [Vote] Repeal Vehicle Registration Ordinance Title 9 Chapter 6 (Vehicle Sticker Program) Ord. 15 –

A copy of the November 19th Village Board meeting agenda can be viewed here.

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The Village has posted agendas for two meetings taking place on Monday, November 16th.

The Insurance Committee will meet at 10:00 AM.  A copy of the agenda can be viewed here.

The Zoning Board of Appeals meets at 7:30 PM, and a copy of their agenda can be viewed here.

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