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Illinois Facebook users have until Monday to claim their share of a $650 million class-action settlement over alleged violations of the state’s biometric privacy law.

Nearly 1.4 million people had filed a claim as of Wednesday, which would make the expected payout about $400 each, Chicago attorney Jay Edelson said.

Illinois Facebook users can file a claim through Monday at a website created for the biometric privacy class-action settlement.

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McHenry County Board Chair Jack Franks

McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks, an incumbent Democrat, conceded his bid for re-election to his Republican opponent, Mike Buehler, at a meeting of the County Board Thursday morning.

Franks – who trails Buehler by over 9,000 votes, nearly six percentage points – said he thought it was time to acknowledge that McHenry County voters have spoken in choosing Buehler to lead the County Board through the next four years.

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“Dear Barrington 220 Community,

We are now six days into our adaptive pause of the Hybrid mode and while Barrington 220 desperately would like to return to Hybrid on Monday, Nov. 9, we wanted you to know that as of today we will most likely be extending the pause until Monday, Nov. 16. A final decision will be made later this week, after further discussion at the Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 4. 

We have been reviewing the data from the Northwestern Medicine dashboard, as well as the situation at each of our school buildings. As of today, the number of new cases (Metric #1) per 100,000 persons for each of our zip codes except 60021 continues to exceed our Step 3 (Hybrid) threshold of 200. In addition, our positivity rate (Metric #2) is moving in the wrong direction for two of our zip codes. Here are the latest numbers as of 11/1/2020:

Our COVID-19 dashboard shows the daily number of positive cases and quarantine cases among students and staff at each building in the district. 

  • A positive case is counted on the day it is reported. Every day after, it is placed in the quarantine category. 
  • Quarantine cases are students and staff not attending school due to testing positive or exposure to a positive case.” 

To view the “D220 Metric Status,” click here.

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A blue moon will light up the night sky this Halloween. This only happens once every two and a half years, on average, NASA’s National Space Science Data Center reports.

October’s first full moon, also referred to as the harvest moon, appeared on the first day of the month, the blue moon, or the second full moon, can be seen on October 31st. We have not seen another blue moon occurrence in the Americas since March 2018, CNN reports.

Every month has a full moon, but because of how the lunar cycle and the calendar year aren’t entirely synced, we end up with two in the same calendar month every three years or so.

It is called a blue moon because it’ll be the second of two full moons that occurs in a single calendar month.

One interesting fact is that this is the first time a Halloween full moon has shown up for all time zones since 1944, the Farmers’ Almanac references. The last time a Halloween full moon showed was for the Central and Pacific time zones in 2001, CNN reports.

Another interesting fact is that when the phrase “once in a blue moon” was first used, it described something so rare, you wouldn’t believe you’d see it in your lifetime, NASA reports.

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This is the Tribune Editorial Board’s second installment of endorsements for contested Illinois House races in the Nov. 3 general election.

52nd District

Think it’s tough trying to get things done in Springfield? Try Barrington Hills.

When Republican Marty McLaughlin became mayor in 2013, the Village Board split on issues was 5-2 and McLaughlin was one of the two minority votes. Still, he got his initiatives through, including a consolidation of 911 services that saved taxpayers millions of dollars. As an investment manager, he knows money.

And he knows that because of the pandemic, revenue from state taxes will be a sliver of what they were before. Other states, he says, have decided to slash spending to brace for less money coming in. That’s the course Illinois should take as well, McLaughlin says.

McLaughlin says. His opponent, Island Lake Democrat Marci Suelzer, is a business executive and a licensed mental health counselor. Her skill set is extensive, but McLaughlin is endorsed.

Read the rest of the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board’s endorsements here.

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David and Joyce McArdle, owners of the Frederick House in Barrington Hills, are among 2020 recipients of the Wright Spirit Award.

BARRINGTON HILLS, IL — A local couple is being recognized for their work in restoring a Frank Lloyd House in Barrington Hill they bought in 2016.The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy announced that David and Joyce McArdle are among their 2020 Wright Spirit Award recipients for their restoration of the Frederick House, which is located at 19 W. County Line Road.

Built in 1957 for interior designer Lois Frederick, the Frederick House is among Wright’s last residential commissions designed in the U.S. The McArdles, who also restored Wright’s 1901 F.B. Henderson House in Elmhurst, bought the Barrington Hills property in 2017 for $795,000, according to Architectural Records.

Chicago-based Eifler & Associates, hired by the Barrington Hills couple, restored the natural color and luster to cabinetry, stripping its pink and green tints, and added geothermal heating and cooling.

Also since 2016, a new cedar shake roof was installed, the master bedroom was reconfigured and a new bathroom was added and furniture designed by Wright for the home, but never built, was fabricated and installed, according to a National Register of Historic Places registration form for the Frederick House.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy’s Wright Spirit Award recognizes owners and stewards of Wright buildings and others who have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to preserving and restoring the remaining built works designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and enhancing appreciation of Wright’s legacy, according to a news release.

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The Daily Herald is reporting, “Monday, some parents in Barrington Area Unit District 220 are planning a ‘Get Our Kids Back to School and Let Them Play!’ rally at 6 p.m. at Citizens Park.”

We’ll provide further information when it becomes available.

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In this last month of live horse racing for the year at Arlington International, the racecourse got approval to allow spectators inside starting Thursday and tickets are now on sale.

Officials from the Arlington Heights Department of Health and Human Services, Cook County Department of Public Health and the Illinois Department of Public Health approved a plan Aug. 27 that had been submitted by Arlington International Racecourse, located in Arlington Heights, to allow a limited number of spectators into the outdoor areas of the facility on race days, according to a news release from the racecourse.

The plan will be in full operation Thursday, just in time for watching the Kentucky Derby Saturday, officials said in the release.

There are some special provisions in light of the pandemic: All tickets must be purchased online at least 24 hours in advance and access is limited to adults age 18 and older only. Children 17 and younger will not be allowed in the facility.

Tickets will be sold in sets of four. The release explains that a full set of health and safety guidelines and facility restrictions can be viewed on Arlington’s website at arlingtonpark.com/tickets/policies-restrictions/.

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James Schlesselman, only 2½, is a riding veteran of one year already atop his trusty steed, Tye Dye, at Journey Hill Farm in Barrington. – Courtesy of Lauren Schlesselman

June Pedersen usually sees two or three new riders a month seeking beginner lessons at Castle Ridge Keep Horse Facility for an activity whose popularity has faded in recent years — horseback riding.

In the past five months, since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, that trend is reversing. A lot.

Pedersen is welcoming three or four new people each week now, making her one of the few business owners these days who can say their new clients have quadrupled.

“People are tired of being inside,” the Crystal Lake stable owner said. “They’re tired of being sequestered and socially distanced and they want to get out and do something.”

It’s adults. It’s children. It’s adults and children together.

I can’t even get an adult in a lesson right now,” said Pat Doyle, who owns Fitzjoy Farm in Palos Park. “We’re adding more (kids) camps — they keep coming back for more.”

Suburban residents are rediscovering the surprisingly large number of stables throughout the area, many of which offer lessons for beginners.

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U.S. Census Bureau workers have begun going door-to-door in the Chicago area to count people who didn’t respond to earlier communication attempts

The work is part of the census bureau’s constitutionally mandated, once-a-decade mission to count everyone living in the country.

Census workers hit the streets here and in parts of some other states and Puerto Rico starting last month, according to the bureau. Attempts will begin in the rest of the country next week.

Field data collection is scheduled to conclude by Sept. 30.

The data will be used to draw county, state and federal legislative districts, among other purposes. It’s based on people living in households as of April 1.

All census takers will have government ID badges with their photographs, U.S. Department of Commerce watermarks, and expiration dates. Census workers may also carry census bureau bags and other equipment with the bureau’s logo.

To confirm a census taker’s identity, you can call the regional census center in Chicago at (312) 579-1500.

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Editorial note: Do yourself a favor and fill out the form. It takes less than ten minutes to complete and it’s one less person knocking on your door.

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