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The Equestrian Commission will hold a special meeting this evening at 6:30 PM to review.  The sole topic on their agenda is, “Village Equestrian Trails.”

A copy of their agenda can be viewed and downloaded here. Recordings from the August 19th, 2021, meeting (the most recent recordings available) can be found here.

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The Equestrian Commission will hold a special meeting tomorrow at 6:30 PM to review, and perhaps vote on, a draft of the, “Equestrian Trail License,” text amendment to our village code.  A copy of their agenda can be viewed and downloaded here.

We’ll reserve comments until it reaches the Board of Trustees (as difficult as that may be).

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The Riding Club of Barrington Hills (RCBH) recently released their September, 2021 newsletter. One of the sections provides an “update” on the August meeting of the Village Equestrian Commission regarding, Equestrian Trail Licenses:

“The Equestrian Commission met on the 19th of August to discuss the continued need for the Equestrian Trail Licenses issued by the Village for the purpose of riding on the Village deeded easement trails. 

By Ordinance in June in 2005, certain trails traversing private land in the Village exist as easements recorded in favor of the Village. The easements are generally in and around the newer subdivisions in the Village where the Village and the Equestrian Commission worked successfully with developers subdividing tracts of land to protect the continuity of the trail network and to maintain the unique character of the Village. Easement trails are maintained by the RCBH.  As set forth in Title 6 and Section 8-5 of the Village Code, equestrian use of easement trails is allowed solely by licenses issued by the Village of Barrington Hills. 

There is an ongoing discussion with a need for further information. As soon as the Equestrian Commission has that information a date will be determined for the next meeting.”

In other words, they’d rather not reveal anything that was discussed. No surprise.

A copy of the RCBH newsletter can be viewed and downloaded here.

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Village Hall

The Village Equestrian Commission meets this evening at 6:30 PM.   Topics on their agenda include:

  • Equestrian Trail License
  • 9th Annual The Hills Are Alive Fall Festival

The chair has submitted her summary of the “Equestrian Trail License” topic beginning on page three of the agenda which can be found here.

We have our own perspective(s) on the license matter, but for now, we’ll sit back and observe.

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two-horsesThe Equestrian Commission meets this evening for the first time in a year at 6:30 PM. The agenda the commission submitted (and NO, we are NOT kidding) is as follows:

  • Public comments
  • [Vote] Minutes – June 1, 2020 (None providedas of this posting)
  • Old Business As presented (None presented as of this posting)
  • New Business As presented (None presented as of this posting)
  • Adjournment

Click here to view and download the agenda as submitted.

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The Village Equestrian Commission will meet for the first time this year at 6:30 PM at Village Hall. A copy of their agenda and minutes from their last meeting on August 13, 2019 can be viewed and downloaded here.

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The Equestrian Commission is scheduled to meet on Monday evening at 6:30 PM.  The commission has not met in nearly a year.  On the agenda are several items, including discussions on Fencing and Horse Boarding Regulations.  However the most interesting item seems to be something called the Illinois State Farm Nuisance Act Presentation.  We researched this topic, and apparently it is legislation that has been promoted by the Horsemen’s Council of Illinois and local Equestrienne Elaine Ramesh.  The legislation has already passed the Illinois Senate and House, and, from what we can tell, it is awaiting the Governor’s signature.

It would add the keeping of horses and horse BOARDING to the current state law which protects existing livestock farms from being lawsuits on the basis of nuisance.  The original law was intended to protect actual agricultural farms from being sued as a nuisance by neighbors because of odors, dust or noise generated by the routine performance of farming chores, but it seems as though the activists in the Horsemen’s Council are using this to bypass local zoning ordinances, such as ours in Barrington Hills.    Horse boarding in our view is NOT agricultural, as there is no agricultural product which is generated. We would strongly urge residents to attend this meeting.

At the time of publication, only the agenda was available here, but no meeting packet materials were posted.  The Trustee Liaison to the Commission is newly elected Trustee Paula Jacobsen.

CORRECTION:  Michelle Maison is still the liaison to the commission.


From the Horsemen’s Council of Illinois Facebook page

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The Equestrian Commission will be holding their first meeting of the year this evening at 7:00 PM.  A copy of their agenda can be viewed here.

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The Equestrian Commission will be holding their quarterly meeting on Monday, December 7th, at 7:00 PM. Some of the topics to be discussed include:

  • Horizon Farms Update
  • Horse Boarding in Barrington Hills: Where We Stand Today
  • Intergovernmental Equestrian Cooperation

A copy of their full agenda can be viewed here.

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Dark HorseThe Equestrian Commission will meet for the first time in over a year tonight at 7:00 PM at Village Hall.  A copy of their agenda can be viewed here.

The last time the Equestrian Commission met was on Friday, August 1, 2014 in special session.  The purpose of that meeting was to review and comment on two of four commercial horse boarding text amendment proposals to modify our Village code.

The primary focus of that evening was the proposal submitted by the owner of Oakwood Farms, LLC, Barry LeCompte, and another submitted by the Riding Club of Barrington Hills.

The ePacket agenda for tonight’s meeting includes minutes for approval from that August 2014 meeting.  These minutes reveal a number of text change and deletion recommendations from the original proposed ordinance for the Zoning Board of Appeals to consider, and, in fact, stated, “To clarify, the redline version below is what we recommend the Village adopt.”

The most important deletion recommended to the Oakwood proposal was striking the effective retroactivity of the proposed code to June 26, 2006, which coincided with the Village Board at that time putting all horse boarding operations, regardless of scale, under the Home Occupation Ordinance.

We find no record of the Equestrian Commission’s recommendation to the Zoning Board (or to the Board of Trustees) in any meeting agendas or packets.  Nor is there any mention of them in published audio recordings, so we must ask what happened to this commission’s considered and unanimously approved change recommendations?  Why have they not seen sunshine until now, over a year later?

Furthermore, why didn’t certain members of the Equestrian Commission at that time who were present during subsequent Zoning Board public meetings speak up when their recommendations to the ZBA were not recognized and considered?  Some may consider this a rhetorical question, but it nonetheless needs to be answered.

The ePacket agenda for tonight’s commission meeting can be viewed and downloaded here.

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