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A week ago we published our take on a 2005 document written by John Rosene that was presented to members of the Riding Club after the election of Bob Abboud that same year in an editorial titled, “We’ve Been Clubbed by Commercial Horse Boarding.”  Yesterday Mr. Rosene has shared his perspectives on that piece with us and has requested we publish them.

In his response he states, “By the way, despite its age, I stand by every word in my 2005 document.”   He goes on to berate The Observer on several occasions and complains about the anonymous status of the editors.  To that we can only respond with, “Je suis Charlie.”

Mr. Rosene’s rebuttal piece can be viewed here.

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’Tis the season to be jolly, and one less worry is with the disposal of dark and nonworking holiday lights.

As reported in the Northwest Herald, now at villages, including Barrington Hills, one can discard those lights from Christmas past and add to a brighter future.

Read the full letter to the Northwest Herald editor here.

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I was appalled to read about the battle between residents of Barrington Hills and bicyclists. All bicyclists in Spandex are not professionals. We are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. We started bicycling to be healthier and get off the couch.

Read the full letter to the editor of the Daily Herald here.

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PDIOne of our village’s central corridors, County Line Road (aka Lake Cook Road), had its Earth Week Spring Trash Pick Up on April 26. Our small but sturdy crew (some of Barrington Hills’ cleanest/greenest folks!) tidied up our village by collecting 72 orange bags of roadside debris, one black bag of discarded trash, one box, two tires, one rusty utility locator sign, one bent 50 mph speed-limit sign and assorted miscellany.

Read more of this letter to the editor here.

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Friday FlashbackFollowing are some of the articles published by The Observer in January in the last few years. These articles, gathered from various publications and editorials, are noteworthy for residents in that they remind us of where we’ve been as a community.

End of Barrington Hills light debate coming Monday? – 2011

Barrington Hills’ long-controversial outdoor lighting ordinance could be up for its final vote on Monday, but even its most ardent opponents are at peace.

Read the Daily Herald story here.

Law needed to halt FOIA abuses – 2012

FOIA, the Freedom of Information Act, is an enhancement of governmental transparency. FOIA provides access to information, including the village budget, costs, procedures, and the like. FOIAs are legitimately used by the media.

Read the original post with comments here.

Barrington Hills may host meeting on auto auction site – 2013

Because East Dundee won’t hold a fifth hearing to discuss the merits of an auto auction business coming to town, neighboring Barrington Hills, which opposes the project, wants to host a town-hall meeting on the issue.

Revisit the original post with comments here.

Longmeadow Parkway fate may go to voters – 2013

If Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen gets his way, Kane County residents may be asked whether the county should proceed with long-planned improvement of transportation on the county’s north end.

Lauzen told County Board members Wednesday he would be reluctant to support further work on the proposed Longmeadow Parkway project without a demonstration of public support for the large, regional road project.

Read the Northwest Herald story here.

–     The Observer

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longMeadowBridgeWhen I moved here, I supported the Longmeadow Parkway project. But now, I am wondering if this will be a government boondoggle:

If you work during the week (250 days/year), that is $750 in tolls added to your family budget, just to cross the river back-and-forth. Add to that any practices or games for your kids, etc. or weekend shifts.

All other toll bridges in Illinois are state-to-state only. The one “local” toll bridge, in Rockford, just had its 50-cent tolls removed because it didn’t work. Locals avoided it and it never generated the expected revenue. It never spurred economic development, either. Are we really serious about tolls, given that kind of weak track record?

Read the full letter to the editor of the Daily Herald from an Algonquin resident here.

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I am a retired ComEd lineman with 37 years of experience. I am writing in response to the article that appeared in the July 23 paper regarding East Dundee’s mayor, Lael Miller, and IAA, a junk yard dealer who wants to auction junk cars. IAA wants access across ComEd’s easement to move their junk cars. This would not be one or two cars, but possibly hundreds.

This could potentially block any repair trucks needed by Edison, which they would require any equipment needed during power outages to be hand carried to the trucks.

Read the full letter to the Daily Herald editor here.

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