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The District 220 Board of Education meets this evening at 7:00 PM at the District Administration Center, 515 W. Main Street. Some of the topics on their agenda include:

  • Consideration to Approve TRS SSP Employer Participation Agreement
  • Consideration to Approve the Intergovernmental Agreement for Shared Instructional Services with Township High School District 214
  • Consideration to Approve 2022-23 Board Priorities

A copy of the agenda can be viewed here. The meeting will be live streamed on the district YouTube channel.

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220 BOE Photo copy

The District 220 Board of Education meets this evening at 7:00 PM at the District Administration Center, 515 W. Main Street. Some of the topics on their agenda include:

  • Consideration to Approve the Rejection of the Woodland Demolition Bid
  • Consideration to Approve License Agreement to Install and Maintain Bollards at Hough Elementary School
  • Consideration to Uphold the Recommendation of the District Level Review of Materials

A copy of the agenda can be viewed here. The meeting will be livestreamed on the district YouTube channel.

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Concerned parents packed the room at the July 12, 2022 meeting of the Barrington School District Board of Education, with some calling for removal of the book “Gender Queer” by Maia Kobabe from the district. Others said removing the book would amount to censorship. (Barrington School District / HANDOUT)

Dozens of concerned parents crowded the July 12 Barrington School District 220 board meeting demanding the removal of the book “Gender Queer” from the school print and digital library, calling it “porn” and inappropriate.

“We need to filter obscene or pornographic media,” Jenna Shields told the board, and suggested a new protocol for book review.

The Tuesday night school board meeting was the second one where some parents shared their outrage over this book and others, along with the district’s book review process.

“Gender Queer” is author Maia Kobabe’s “intensely cathartic autobiography” graphic novel which “charts [the author’s] journey of self-identity,” according to book distributor Simon & Schuster.

Some board members at the meeting requested a discussion on the way the district curates books while others suggested waiting until this book is formally reviewed at the district level.

Shields told the board a petition had been signed by 1,300 community members asking the district to opt out of Senate Bill 818 which offers new sex education curriculum. Hunt had announced during the meeting that the district chose not to follow those suggestions. The petition, she said, also asked the district to reconsider what is promoted to students.

“We ask for an independent task force that includes parent participation be developed and a ratings system.”

Almost all of the audience stood in support.

Read more here.

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220 Update

In his Superintendent’s Report at the July 12th Barrington 220 Board of Education meeting, Dr. Hunt shared that district leaders are recommending the district does not adopt policy related to SB 818, also known as the “Keeping Youth Safe and Healthy Act”. The Board’s Policy Committee will review this recommendation at its next meeting and the committee’s decision will then be brought to the Board of Education for approval.

You can listen to the discussion about SB 818 beginning at 7:46 in the Board meeting video and again beginning at 2:41:39.

At the same meeting, the Board discussed the 5th grade Human Growth & Development unit, which has been taught for more than 25 years to Barrington 220 fifth graders. The unit is a mandated unit of study in Illinois School Code and was reviewed in 2013 and 2017 as part of the district’s curriculum review cycle. Click here to listen to the presentation and discussion.

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Controversy continues to swirl in Barrington Community Unit District 220 over the book “Gender Queer,” as parents who object to its presence in the Barrington High School library and those who support it spoke out again Tuesday before the board of education.

Meanwhile, district officials say they are proceeding with a formal review of the memoir to determine whether it belongs on the library shelves.

Delivering an update at Tuesday’s board meeting, Superintendent Robert Hunt said the district is following its procedures for evaluating the book, which is not part of the district’s curriculum, isn’t used in any instructional material and isn’t available in middle school libraries.

Board member Katie Karam said the big issue involves a discussion on how the district curates books for school libraries and what should be considered sexually explicit material.

The meeting Tuesday was highly charged, with prolonged and often emotional public comment from those who view the book as pornographic, those advocating for the freedom to read and those who support LGBTQ+ students. Many carried signs with slogans such as “Our children need to be taught how to think not what to think.”

Jenna Shields, a parent in the district, said a petition being circulated expressing the need to “filter obscene and pornographic content across all media and resources” already has received more than 1,300 signatures.

“That content has been promoted by the teachers and is available to our students,” she said. “The idea of parents having to filter for this or routinely opt out is unacceptable. While many policies exist to address obscene or pornographic content, the school library policy still needs to be updated.”

Read more here.

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Video capture taken the last time the District 220 Board of Education met.

The District 220 Board of Education meets this evening at 7:00 PM at the District Administration Center, 515 W. Main Street. Some of the topics on their agenda include:

  • Consideration to Approve the Second Reading of Board Policy
  • Consideration to Approve BSEO Job Reclassification Recommendation
  • Consideration to approve resolution authorizing the sale by sealed bid of real property located at 310 E. James St., Barrington, AND
  • Human Growth and Development and Senate Bill 818 discussion

A copy of the agenda can be viewed HERE. The meeting will be livestreamed on the district YouTube channel.

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For those attempting to view the recordings we posted of the June 21st Board of Education last week (“District 220 goes too far (again)“), they now state they’re “Private” (as seen above).  A new recording of the meeting was added to the 220 YouTube channel an hour ago.

To access the one public comment we documented, click here.  To review all public comments, click here. And to watch the recording from the beginning, click here.

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ProftYesterday’s commentaries on recent District 220 news on the, “Chicago’s Morning Answer,” program can be found here.

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A controversial book’s inclusion on a middle school summer reading list has fueled outrage among some parents in Barrington Community Unit School District 220.

The graphic novel “Gender Queer” by Maia Kobabe has sparked similar debates at schools across the country, including Downers Grove High School District 99 and Antioch Community High School District 117. Earlier this year, the American Library Association named “Gender Queer” the most challenged book of 2021.

The book has been in the library collection at Barrington High School but is now undergoing a school-level review. That could result in a district-level review by a committee consisting of a parent, an administrator, a teacher and a school library information specialist, officials said Thursday.

Any district-level review and recommendation by the committee to the school board could lead to the book’s being left on the shelf, reclassified, restricted or removed from the collection.

In a letter to the school district community Thursday, Superintendent Robert Hunt said the controversy stems from an email to middle school parents encouraging students to read over the summer. The email included links to two book award lists created by the American Association of Illinois School Library Educators: the Rebecca Caudill Young Readers’ Book Award 2023 and the 2023 Illinois Lincoln Award List.

“Gender Queer,” a memoir about struggling with self-identity and coming out as asexual and nonbinary to family and friends, appears on the Lincoln list.

Hunt’s letter follows a contentious school board meeting Tuesday night at which many parents railed against the book’s inclusion on the summer reading list and in the high school library. One held up a sign with the crossed-out word “PORN” over the phrase “in our schools.”

“This is exactly (how) I would expect a pedophile to behave when approaching a child to normalize sexual behavior, to abuse them,” Nelda Munoz, who has children in fourth and sixth grades, said after reading a passage from the novel. “Stop sexualizing our kids. Stop abusing them.”

Read more here.

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Most of the public comments voiced during Tuesday evening’s District 220 Board of Education meeting centered around inappropriate content contained in district libraries, and in Summer reading recommendations by staff.  Here is one example:

“Good evening, I’m (name), and I have a fourteen and a sixteen year old here in the District, and I recently became aware of books available in my school to my kids, which you have discussed.

They’re titled, ‘This Book Is Gay,’ and ‘Gender Queer.’ My opposition to these books has nothing to do with their LGBTQ content, but of their pornographic nature.  They discuss in detail how two men can pleasure each other, how to give a proper hand job, and a comic book cartoon demonstrating masturbation and oral sex between men.

These books have mature content that is considered R-rated and I consider X-rated, and I would be just as upset if these books with these pornographic images had heterosexual content as well. Perhaps that’s in the school library, I don’t know.

So, children’s brains gave not developed enough psychologically or emotionally to fully interpret this mature or only for adult content. Research has shown that exposure to pornography can impair a child’s developing brain, social interactions, emotional skills as well as impulse control issues up until their mid-twenties.

Our school libraries are not public libraries. Schools are supposed to be safe environments for our kids (exasperated sigh).

This pornographic content has no place in our schools. Our younger than seventeen age kids can’t go see an R-rated movie on their own, nor should they be allowed to check out these books without parental consent.

Why are these books even in our school libraries, because they’re award winning? Well, they’re not age appropriate, and that’s what we need in our schools. And who’s responsible for putting these books into our schools so our kids have access to them?

Speaking at the High School level I would like to see a system in place where parental consent is required to check out books that would be considered R-rated. And this needs to be a simple process for our kids.

We moved to Barrington in 2008 because of its conservative family values and D-220’s reputation of academic excellence. (Recording briefly cuts out) No parent would willingly send their children to school knowing it was not a safe place for them physically, socially or emotionally. Yet, my kids have access to pornography in school.

The sexualization of our children needs to stop. We need to preserve their childhood innocence. Please, (more static).  I’m losing trust in you.”

This person’s comments can be heard here.  All public comments begin here.

The entire meeting can be heard here.

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