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VBH__LogoThe ePacket agenda containing links to documents to be discussed during Tuesday evening’s Village Board meeting has been posted.  To access the ePacket link, click here.

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Our Village Board will be holding a special meeting Wednesday evening beginning at 6:30 PM.  Their agenda can be viewed here or a copy can be downloaded here.

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In the latest chapter of what is becoming a longstanding saga of a dispute between neighbors regarding commercial horse boarding operations within the Village, last month an Illinois appellate court reversed a decision made by the circuit court and remanded the matter for further proceedings before that court.

According to the unanimous decision, three justices held that the circuit court “erred in dismissing the plaintiff property owners’ amended injunctive relief against defendants, who were owners of a horse boarding facility, on the basis of failure to exhaust administrative remedies, mootness and lack of justiciability.”

A copy of the court’s March 28 twenty-four page decision can be downloaded here.

Those who may be unfamiliar with this matter can read further background from 2010 by clicking here.

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The Observer takes a look back at the year gone by and presents our most frequently read editorials and news stories for 2013.  Click on any title to read or revisit stories from this past year.


It’s morning again

In May, the Observer anticipated the swearing-in of newly elected Village President Martin McLaughlin, and presented readers with a message of healing and reconciliation.

September Board recordings released and our observations

This was our most commented story of the year, and focused on the efforts of Trustee Patty Meroni to block the Inaugural Hills are Alive Fall Heritage Festival.

Time to step aside

This editorial from August discussed the ongoing difficulties that Village Board member Karen Selman seems to have with her duties chairing the Finance Committee.

The IAA Battle: Why it was over before it began

After East Dundee approved the proposed IAA auto auction facility in July, the Observer reflected upon a multitude of reasons that Bob Abboud’s strategy was doomed to fail.

It’s all about the money

This editorial, leading up to the April Village Election, highlighted the financial issues which faced the Village, including exorbitant legal spending and high FOIA costs.

McLaughlin for Village President, Konicek Hannigan and Stieper for Trustee

This opinion piece featured The Observer’s endorsements for Village Board seats in the April 9 election. 

News Stories:

McLaughlin Looks Ahead to Barrington Hills Presidency

The day after Martin J. McLaughlin’s surprise election victory over incumbent Robert G. Abboud, the Daily Herald interviewed the President-Elect, and discussed the challenges which lay ahead.

2013 Survey Report

As was the case in 2012, the compilation of the results of this year’s annual resident survey was one of the Observer’s top five stories of the year.

Hills are Alive Heritage Festival draws big crowd

The first-ever Hills Are Alive Fall Heritage Festival drew a large crowd of over 800 residents, who enjoyed many activities at the Barrington Hills Park District Riding Center.

AG’s office reviews ex-mayor’s Barrington Hills appointments

Shortly before leaving office, and with little if any prior notice, the former Village President made over thirty nominations or renominations to nearly every Village non-elected board, commission and committee. 

Ex-Barrington Hills mayor admits talking to ComEd about auto auction plan

Former Village President Robert Abboud admitted in July that he had contacted ComEd president and CEO Anne Pramaggiore and had urged her to deny Insurance Auto Auctions’ request to allow access to their East Dundee business using a ComEd easement.

2014 New Year

Once again, we at The Observer would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our readers and subscribers.  We wish you all           

Happy New Year!

–     The Observer

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rga_portrait_b&wThe Illinois attorney general’s Public Access Bureau is reviewing a complaint that former Barrington Hills Village President Robert Abboud’s 35 proposed committee appointments made after he lost the April 9 election were not adequately identified on a meeting agenda.

As such, the review is looking into whether the action constitutes a violation of the Illinois Open Meetings Act, spokeswoman Natalie Bauer said. She would not speculate on the time frame of the review or what action would be appropriate if it determined a violation had occurred.

Abboud said he was following the advice of the village attorney that sufficient notice on the agenda did not necessarily have to include names.

Read more here.

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A copy of the approved April 22 Village Board meeting minutes can be downloaded here.

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BOT RecordingsThe Village has recently released edited audio recordings from the April 22 Village Board meeting. To access the menu of the meeting’s topical audio recording segments, click here.

Special attention should be paid to the “Administration” segment of the recordings, particularly when it comes to some of President Abboud’s choices for nomination to critical Village boards, commissions and committees during this, his last full Village Board meeting in office.

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The Village Legal Committee meets tomorrow evening at 7:00 PM to discuss “East Dundee Insurance Auto Auctions” among other things. To view their agenda, click here.

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The Village Legal Committee meets tomorrow evening at 7:00 PM to discuss “East Dundee Insurance Auto Auctions” among other things. To view their agenda, click here.

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The Village Legal Committee meets tomorrow evening at 7:00 PM to discuss “East Dundee IAA Land Use” among other things.  To view their agenda, click here.

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