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 BHPD Logo The Barrington Hills Park District issued the following notice via email today: 

Weather permitting, the outdoor arena will be closed next week, beginning Monday, March 20, for installation of new sand and repairs.

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RameshScout On her new Facebook page , Elaine Ramesh asks residents to re-elect her as Trustee of the Village of Barrington Hills. When one seeks re-election to a position previously held, we think it appropriate to ask “is past behavior a predictor of future performance”?

Dr. Ramesh (PhD Organic Chemistry) certainly possesses impressive academic credentials, including a law degree. It is surprising however, given her background, that her approach to government has been less than cerebral. In fact, it is just the opposite:

  • Longmeadow Parkway (LMP): In the Winter 2013 issue of the Village Newsletter, Ramesh wrote “Over the past few years, I have represented the Village in Kane County for planning-related events such as the Kane County 2040 Plan and the Longmeadow Parkway project.”  Former Village President Bob Abboud vigorously supported the LMP without input from Village residents and with disregard for the impact on Autumn Trail property owners. It seems that Ramesh agreed, being the only person from Barrington Hills directly involved in the process, and not once voicing her opposition to the ill-conceived Toll Bridge project which is now moving along at breakneck speed.
  • Barrington Honor Ride & Run: At the June 2012 Board of Trustees meeting, Trustee Ramesh voiced her non-support of Barrington Honor Ride and Run, an annual  charity bike ride that raises money for veterans who suffered grievous injuries in service to our country. Part of the 30-mile course for the ride runs through Barrington Hills for about ninety minutes on a Sunday morning, and thus needed approval by the Village Board.  The majority of the Board reluctantly approved the event, but limited the registration to 150 to 200 participants. One of Ramesh’s reasons for non-support was that the ride would inconvenience residents and would be dangerous for the participants. She also cited potential “rudeness” by participants, which then-President Abboud promptly confirmed. The “rudeness” was anecdotal and unconfirmed by other residents.  Ironically, Elaine pushed for unlimited use of the polo field at Oakwood Farm for weekday practices and for the LeCompte Kalaway Cup Polo Matches, an annual event that brings over 2,000 attendees to the Village, the vast majority of them who are non-residents. It seems that horses are more important to her than honoring and helping our men and women who have bravely served our country.
  • Riding Club of Barrington Hills:  For some reason, Dr. Ramesh is not promoting her association with the Riding Club, having been a member for well over a decade and despite having served as its President in 2015. Judging from her Facebook page, Ramesh’s only recreational interests would seen to be jogging, spending time with her dog and cat and volunteering with the Girl Scouts.

RameshAbboudPlaque We believe Dr. Ramesh has a hidden agenda to serve only the equestrian community rather than the best interests of all residents and is inextricably tied to the failed policies and disastrous agenda of former Village President Bob Abboud.

So, is her past behavior indicative of future performance? We’ll leave that for the voters to decide.

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Four seats on the Barrington Hills Board of Trustees are up for election in the April 4, 2017 Consolidated Elections, and the Riding Club of Barrington Hills seems to be aiming for all four now that candidates have filed with the Village Clerk on Monday.

Running for the office of President are:

  • Martin J. McLaughlin* (Independent)
  • Louis Iacovelli (Riding Club)

Those running for three Trustee positions are:

  • Colleen Konicek Hannigan* (Independent)
  • Paula Jacobsen (Riding Club)
  • Elaine M. Ramesh (Riding Club)
  • Matthew P. Vondra (Independent)
  • Robert M. Zubak (Riding Club)
  • Ralph Sesso (Independent)
  • Linda H. Cools (Independent)

Incumbent Trustees Fritz Gohl and Mike Harrington are not running for re-election in April, however Gohl will be running unopposed for trustee to the Barrington Township Board of Directors.


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Audio recordings from the December 7th special meeting of the Board of Trustees have been posted to the Village website.  To access the menu of recordings edited by agenda item, click here.

The meeting began with an announcement that the James J. Drury commercial boarding text amendment which was on the agenda for the meeting had been formally withdrawn earlier in the day, so no discussion or vote on that agenda item would take place.

Prior to public comments, the chair announced that the standard three minute limit rule on comments would be adhered to, as can be heard here.

Multiple Zoning Board of Appeals hearings had been held where residents had ample opportunities to speak as long as they wished, and it was noted that the public had been given significant latitude in their remarks, and that the Board of Trustees had reviewed the recordings and/or transcripts from those meetings.

Despite this, the first person to read public comments obviously decided that these established rules for public comment don’t apply to him.

The developer of Barrington Hills Farm had submitted written comments to the Board of Trustees, which were available to all in attendance, prior to the meeting.  Yet he chose to read them in their entirely anyway, in a self-serving speech lasting well beyond three minutes, choosing to ignore two polite requests from the chair to conclude his remarks as can be heard here.

Obviously some feel they are more important than others, but the fact is this person was not only disrespectful to the Board, but more so, to the many residents in attendance who took their personal time to listen to what the Board of Trustees had to say about the Zoning Board’s recommendation on commercial horse codes.

Seven other residents made comments, for and against, regarding the Zoning Board recommendation, and one used her time to comment on the Longmeadow Parkway Project.

Prior to the board beginning discussion on the Zoning Board recommendation, the chair asked Village Attorney Mary Dickson to weigh in on the validity of the “construct” of the form letter statements the Barrington Hills Farm Developer had been mailing to residents for months apparently in the hopes of amassing sufficient response to require a “super-majority” vote by trustees to pass an amendment nullifying the Anderson II commercial boarding code.

Counsel stated she’d seen a number of the petition statements, and her preliminary opinion was they didn’t satisfy the statuary requirements of our Village Code, and therefore, a super-majority may not be required.  The recording of this discussion can be heard here.

When discussion began, President McLaughlin invited each board member to provide their opinions on the recommendation before them before the Zoning Board.  To listen to each member’s viewpoints in order of presentation, click on their names highlighted below:

We recommend listening to the remarks made by all board members, particularly those made by President McLaughlin.  His uncharacteristically candid, off-the-cuff comments will resound with most residents, reminding them why he was elected, so please take a few minutes to listen.

When the vote was called, five board members voted to approve the Zoning Board recommendation to repeal Anderson II, and two opposed, thus making any debate over the number of votes required due to questionable petitions moot, as a super-majority was achieved.

The next Village Board meeting is scheduled for Monday December 19th.

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BHPDThe Barrington Hills Park District Board of Commissioners will be holding a special meeting on December 12th at the district riding center located at 361 Bateman Road at 6:00 PM.  The sole topic for discussion, and possible vote, is a “Use Ordinance.”

A copy of their agenda can be viewed here.


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BHPDThe Barrington Hills Park District Advisory Committee meets this evening at 7:00 PM at the district Riding Center located at 361 Bateman Road.  A copy of their agenda can be viewed here.

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The Board of Trustees will be holding a special meeting tomorrow evening beginning at 6:30 at Countryside Elementary School.  The topics to be considered and voted upon are two amendments to the recently enacted commercial horse boarding codes as follows:

  • James J. Drury Text Amendment
  • Zoning Board of Appeals Text Amendment

The Zoning Board of Appeals has held a total of eight meetings on these matters since June, including lengthy public hearings.  This board voted to not recommend the Drury Amendment, however they did vote to recommend the second text amendment which would essentially repeal the LeCompte/Anderson II commercial horse boarding codes passed last year. 

We recommend all interested residents attend tomorrow night’s meeting.  A copy of the agenda can be viewed here.

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